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Michael Patrick Murphy, Freedom Fighter!
mmurphy@americanliberty.org - April 20, 2007

Over the next few months, American Liberty is going to take on the world by presenting an easy way to improve your city, county, state, country and planet from one web page! I left the Libetarian Party to follow my passions and to get down to the business of saving the planet. Yes, it starts with that evil word politics and ends with you getting engaged rather than enraged..

America is now an elegant totalitarian state where the rich and powerful manipulate economies and public policy to their favor. It is a land of "perceived wealth" where what we own is instead owned by a bank or institution that is funded by foreign countries like China that expect something more than just a low financial return on their investments. It seems like nobody wants you to figure any of this out.

Candidates and elected officials will not post their records on their websites. As long as your are kept in the dark, they can get away with everything from extortion to murder. Quid-Pro Quo is the rule of the millenium. Sure, these politicians and incumbents take some risks and sometimes they even get caught. However, helping us catch them is never in their best interests. They pooh, pooh this by referring you to the congressional records, meeting agendas and minutes where you are forced to do the sorting and research. Once found, you must understand that these records are published by folks that are employed at the discretion of those they are reporting on. To show things that are damaging to your boss might leave you without a job. Some of these officials also point out that the American sheeple would have little interest in those records, even if they were easily accessed and organized in an informative way. The commercial press has been sorely irresponsible and the advent of the Internet has demonstrated this over and over again. Too many Americans make excuses for being apathetic and irresponsible. This excellerates the destruction of our nation.

Letting our lobby owned politicians run our world has left us with many symptoms of a degrading system, from the City of Rocklin's inability to keep its infrastructure maintained to the Country's inability to deal with Hurricane Katrina and the War in Iraq. We are coming to a breaking point and I think "we the people" ought to know a few things and have some simple solutions to get us back to the founding vision of a wonderful land ruled by an educated, responsible and informed people, on behalf of all its people and not just on behalf of its corporations, unions, developers and other special interests. I envision a land where we have an responsible democracy that does not result in a tyranny of the majority or worse, a tyranny of the rich and powerful whose agenda moves forward at the expense of future generations, both physically and economically.

The Facts

The average American family of four owes $500,000 to the Federal Government and an additional $90,000 of personal debt.

The Feds are working on behalf of America's Largest corporations through lobbyists and political funding by them.

To keep voters happy, politicians and public officials have borrowed billions of dollars from foreign governments of all flavors paying out low interest rates, but looking the other way as lenders such as China sell arms to anyone that comes up with the money. We now also look the other way as they prepare for world conquest.

The United States government (USG) is guilty of the same crimes as China. You fund it.

The USG is owned by Corporate lobbyists. The State of California is owned by State Union Lobbyists. County and local governments are owned by Developers.

Americans register and vote into office the kind of people that bankrupt and enslave U.S.Citizens.

Americans invest in companies and people they know little or nothing about. Americans invest in their own slavery through their 401K's and IRA's

Americans are also slaves to the government because they work half the year to the taxes they owe and have no choice but to pay them or be provided for by someone else that pays them.

Americans are insane. Following the definition of insanity, Americans keep voting the same way over and over again expecting different results.

Americans are not proactive. They wait until something bad happens and then demand a solution to the problem that resulted in the bad thing.

Americans expect the government to handle all bad things for them.

Americans are, for the most part, sheep, lemmings and ostriches.

Many Americans believe that patriotism means supporting government actions for better or worse, especially when those actions are really, really bad.

Americans are responsible for their government. Yet Americans have a million excuses to not be responible, starting with the examples set by their leaders.

The dollar is only worth what people think its worth. That's why you demand more dollars for your goods, stocks and bonds, homes and other services. Since you believe the dollar is worth less, you demand more of them as compensation. The world doesn't necessarily agree with you as much any more. Arab states are moving their money into Euros and gold. Your employer doesn't agree with you. You don't get a raise. However, elected officials do get raises. Big ones.

The average American is a laughing stock: A baffoon. A clown.

The government truly reflects us. It borrows until there is no tomorrow.

What Can we do about it?

Take Responsibility

Go to City Hall, if you live in a city, and look at the candidates' 460 statements. That's how you follow the local money. See who gave over $100.

Go to the Internet. Look up your City Council minutes. See how they voted. Look at the Agendas, see if you want to drive to the meeting and put in your two cents. The votes are somewhat pre-arranged, but you might change a mind or two.

Register as an Independent. The way you do that, is to register as a "Decline to State" voter. You will now be in the party of you, yourself and you. George Washington will love you for it. (Remember, American Independent Party is the party of George Wallace and has its own platform. It is not the same thing as being independent.) This will end the tyranny of the party system. (See the Libertarian portion of the website for an alternative)

The Result

The people will have taken responsibility.

The government should reflect that fact.

You will have a 100% better local government and in turn, you may get a better state and federal government.

What I am Doing

Over the next year, I will be trying to make this process easier by posting the records and campaign funding or our elected officials. I will provide quick links to their sites and to watchdog sites like SmartVoter.org. If we set an example here, the rest of the world may choose to follow. Who are we to FORCE the rest of the world to be like us?

I believe that the Libertarian Party has a better platform urgently needed by America.

Volunteers are needed to Run Against Rocklin City Council Incumbents
Call (916) 435-9090 for more info.

Mike's views do not necessarily represent the views of the Placer County Libertarian Party Mike can be reached at mmurphy@americanliberty.org
Michael Patrick Murphy is the author of The Government, ISBN 0-595-30863-5