Chrisitans Attempt to Take Over the World!

3/25/2004: written by Michael Murphy, Chair Placer County Libertarian Party

Let me qualify the inflammatory headline. SOME Christians like to remind us that their group founded the United States and that we now have a Christian majority. SOME Christians also believe that the US should take over the world, disarm the place, and then let everyone vote in a democracy under our benevolent, Christian, US supervision and leadership. All of the above amount to what SOME Christians would consider a very good thing. After all, Christianity itself is a good thing!
In theory, we in the United States celebrate republican majority rule and therefore, our rules are strongly influenced by the Christian majority.

Of course those of us that study history, many Christians included, realize that Christians don’t always do Christian things. They realize that when the Christians came to America, they found heathens already living here. With no immigration policies in place, the heathens shared the land with the new Christians. In return, the Christians manipulated them, lied to them, and stole from them and eventually killed most of them. This process was to be repeated with the Philippine and Hawaiian peoples. Since natives seemed to have done many of those same immoral crimes to each other, those actions might have seemed normal. Regardless, few Christians could deny that the Bible was almost immediately forsaken in the Americanization process. Not all conquests were quick military feats. Sometimes a conquest started with the missionaries, then the settlers and then followed by the military. In all fairness, Christians managed to do similar un-Christian crimes to each other planet wide.

From the beginning of man’s presence on earth, religions have been used as a vehicle of the rich and powerful to control and manipulate the masses into helping them become ever richer and even more powerful. God chose Kings and Queens. God blesses America, etc. Massive killing, stealing and lying has dominated these marital relationships. The Crusades, Spanish inquisition, Salem Witch Trials and American Manifest Destiny are just a few of the many, many results of these matches made in hell. Unfortunately, not a lot has changed since America was founded.

Despite these un-Christian activities, SOME Christians still feel the need to utilize the U.S. Government as their tool to force the planet into submission. This attitude, along with the marriage of church and state, is often reflected in the smallest institutions, like homeowner associations and city councils, to the larger county, state, federal and US worldwide organization bureaucracies. It is reflected in the media and in worldwide media censorship.

Good Christians need to protect themselves from the marriage of church and state, which goes together like oil and water. Good Christians should live by example. If the example is good, others will choose to follow. You can’t force others to accept the Christian Americanization of planet earth.

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Mike is a Candidate for the California State Assembly, District 4 in the November 2006 Election. and author of The Government, ISBN 0-595-30863-5. He can be reached at