Michael MurphyYour Checks are No Good Anymore

...If they come from Bank of America or Chase.



Presidential Racers and what you should have known before you wasted your vote on Obama or McCain. In effect, you doomed the American economy for at least 10 more years. And one more thing to racist blacks. it is not a black against white issue. Obama is not the second coming of Christ. He is just another politician doing the same things as those that came before him. You were easily duped into voting for yet another Democrat or Republican. Sadly, we all will pay for voter ignorance.

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Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter)
21st of May, 2009

That's right. I said it. So sue me!

Chase Bank's online website slogan in California is "Welcome to Chase, We're Here for You!" We'll see about that.

The other day, I went to cash a Chase check at Chase in Rocklin California. Inside were various kiosks in the middle of the floor where their young tellers took people from the long line I waited in. Finally, I was greeted by a tall blonde. I told her I wanted to cash a check drawn on her bank. She winced as she began a lengthy explanation of the hoops that I would have to go through to cash their own check at their own bank

As she started, I thought about the checks I'd been cashing at Wells Fargo and how they had required that I offer them my Driver's Licence number, a credit card number and my fingerprint. I know how much I hate the invasiveness of Wells Fargo and wrote off banking with them long ago. Surely she was getting ready to inform me of the same kind of rotten thing at Chase.

Instead, it was much, much worse. She informed me that I would need to offer her my driver's license number, two major credit cards, my social security number and my fingerprint AND that I would have to pay them $5.00 per check for the honor of cashing a check from their bank at their bank. That's what may happen to your check recipients if you bank with Chase.

Bank of America, another bank I would never do business with, is more like Well's Fargo in that I don't need to give my social security number. However, they also can charge $5.00 per check cashed drawn on their own bank.

The fact of the matter is these banks, Chase in particular, have all the information they need to steal my identity and then rip me off, starting with the teller who can easily sell the information to someone that will then use it to clean me out. Then to have the nerve to charge me to cash their own checks hits the foul ball out of the ballpark.

Keep in mind that the number one leakers of personal information in America are the Federal and State governments, the banks and our largest corporations.

To further my exasperation, the lender on my home, Countrywide, got bought by "Darth" Bank of America. It's as though I'm stuck dealing with the banks that helped to bankrupt America and that in turn borrowed my money without my permission to bail themselves out. Of course these same banks have virtually funded candidates for political office against me as well as funded the major media through advertising. In other words, they have bought my government out from underneath me.

Continue banking with them if you want to, but me, I will continue to try to avoid these un-American banks like the plague. Their failure would do America good.

I'm open. Write me if you think differently: mmurphy@americanliberty.org