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Presidential Race and what you should have known before you wasted your vote on Obama or McCain. In effect, you doomed the American economy for at least 10 more years.

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Now go do the right thing and stop voting for the lesser of two evils. Voting for the same thing over and over again expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Are you insane?

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Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter)
16th of January, 2009

Americans didn't listen to me when I went into cash last year. They didn't listen to the evidence about Obama and McCain prior to voting. They probably won't hear this message either. Anyway, here goes!

Ever wonder why CEO's make the big bucks? I've met and listened to more than a few. Most that I've met are no brighter than the rest of us, which translates into "not too bright." So why the big bucks?

First, understand that these boys and girls risk a lot living life in the "Big Bucks Bucket." Some CEO's have allowed their corporations to act as front offices for the Central Intelligence Agency. In other words, they are themselves, agents of the CIA. You could be a little corporation or a big one. It doesn't matter. You will know the skeletons in the agency closet. You can't easily do anything to them and they, in turn, can't easily do anything to you—"quid pro quo."

So What's the Risk?

Unlike a lot of CIA agents working within foreign embassies, you and your company are not protected by diplomatic immunity. You can't just go home and "fo'get aboud it." You and your company could lose everything. So there is a downside and I think many CEO's do it out of blind patriotism and the sense that other countries and foreign companies are competing with them by enriching themselves the same way. The immunity only goes as far as the national borders and whatever the governments and international corporations are willing to trade. Still, playing this game could leave you very dead. One thing that most rich and powerful people have in common is a high tolerance for risk. Most probably have "No Fear" t-shirts tucked away somewhere.

What do CEO's Get?

This is the really incredible and publicly unknown part. Why do the rich get richer and what's in it for the CEO's? First, lets understand that these rules don't apply to those that just get lucky at the Wall street Casino or that actually make their dough through discipline and honesty. This applies to those that marry our government and more specifically, our CIA. Imagine the free CIA university business school trained employees. As the CIA spies on our business competition, I can imagine the insider information that our enabling CEO's get that they can then apply to their own investments. Imagine the CIA agents that can profit from the same information. All this, included bailouts, debt forgiveness and possibly even get out of jail free cards make being a CIA friendly business person very tempting. What would you be willing to risk to be on the CIA inside track?

This is my theory.

Since most, if not all, Fortune 500 companies are in on this, maybe, just maybe, its why the government goes against the wishes of "we the people" when it bails out corporations, banks and auto companies AND why Presidents like G. W. Bush pardon criminals. I've read enough redacted books to see that the CIA is a political organization and clandestine arm of the rich and powerful. Would you trust a spy? Would you trust an agent of the CIA that does as he or she is told irregardless of the moral consequences? One could stretch this by adding that if the CIA commits murder, are CEO's complicit? Are they aiding and abetting? I'll leave that to the Woodward's and Bernstein's to figure out.

The voters didn't want the bailouts. Most understood that they would be the ones taxed to cover them in one way or another. Some voters are starting to realize that their family of four owes the Feds more than five hundred thousand dollars and that was prior to 911. Still, after McCain and Obama voted as senators for the bailouts, most of these "in the cave" voters still cast their ballots for one or the other. It is proof that Americans are not bright enough to run the rest of the world. Still, there are many that think America ought to. I just hope that it is they that lost their shirts in the stock market as they supported all of the above.

What Can You Do?

I know, you are only one American? Well, so was George Washington, Martin Luther King and Gandhi—okay, not Gandhi. What I am saying is that one man or woman can perform what others assume is impossible. Then there is the moral imperative. Doing the right thing always starts with you. Like your father and his father before, your children will be watching you. Wake up and smell the coffee. Don't just solve the world's problems in the coffee shop. Get off your [behind] and do something about them.

Quit investing in companies and people you don't know about. Your greed got you into this now let your intellect get you out. Get smart, invest in goodness. Invest in people you trust, even if it only means your own family. No more government Ponzi schemes like 401k's and IRAs and maybe even cash itself. (see my future articles on why, in the end, cash isn't king.)

Americans can take back their country and make it a better place. Quit copping out. Quit voting for the lesser of two evils. Know your City Councils and County Supervisors. Nominate those that won't take the money and those that don't register Republican or Democrat in these supposedly non-partisan offices. The lesser of two evils is still evil. Give personal money to those you believe will at least try to reverse the evil trends. If you want a good government, start backing good people now.

Quit trying to use our government as a Christian club against Mohammed. If you're a Christian, start acting like one. Start living a more Christ-like existence. I doubt Christ would have voted for McCain or Obama no matter how much they both wore Christianity on their sleeves.

Remember, no leader can stand alone against a righteous people. Start acting like a real American. Don't wait until the movie's over. People that make change do things that are goal achieving and not tension relieving. Your legacy starts today. What will your children have to say about you at your funeral? I hope it will be wonderful things.

I'm open. Write me if you feel differently: mmurphy@americanliberty.org