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Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter)
25th of September, 2008, UPDATED 16th of October, 2008

Sorry for the delay. I've been a little preoccupied with things that make money. I'm sorry for my readers that feel abandoned. However, my procrastination is also due to my wanting to write a very strong and important article that addresses our current long overdue crisis. Some of you will find my thoughts hard to believe. I tend to kid around so much you might think that I'm joking. Just keep in mind that I am deadly serious about most of it. I broke things down to their lowest common denominators. Unless you believe that 2 plus 2 should continue to equal 7 in the political world, I strongly suggest that you read carefully. Imagine what aliens might see as they fly overhead. Open your mind to the possibility that I might actually be right, and if not, am I more right than the Democrats and Republicans? If you're still too biased towards the big corrupt parties, then make sure you read the last few paragraphs. If that doesn't convince you, then I guess I can't win over all the people all the time. C' est la Vie!. Just remember that more people are registering Independent everyday and that's something that the Democrats and Republicans can't say, no matter how impossible the two dying parties make things for third parties and independents. Notice that the media isn't saying a thing about third parties. This is because the rich and powerful are becoming desperate as they realize that a growing number of Americans are no longer as ready to be treated like sheep.

Call it the Mafia, Koumintang, Yakusa or just big Brother

Since long before I was of voting age, I have been warning my friends and family about how history repeats itself and the dangers of promoting a free lunch, whether it be personal or corporate welfare. To be nice, let's just say that I told them that voting for Republicans or Democrats would not result in positive change. In fact, I will go a huge step further today. I will tell you that Congress, the President, Obama and McCain are actually against the American people and the Constitution of the United States of America. Make no mistakes in your critical thinking. Both are for a bigger theft-based mafia-style central government. They are for a corrupt government's control over the financial industry and over the American people. Both candidates reward our laziness and bad investment decisions. If you are currently registered Democrat or Republican, you should be ashamed of yourself. As America declines, don't fool yourself into believing that you didn't know any better. In Senators Obama and McCain's case, they would do and say anything to get elected. They are for all intent and purpose prostitutes. And the press, fed by the same dollars, promotes all of this foolishness for the same protection rackets the politicians work for. It is no longer free nor a press. It is a propaganda machine for the Demopublicans and their special interest backers. I constantly hear McCain and Obama talking like fiscally irresponsible communists. Despite their rhetoric, they will do what front men for the Mafia have always done. They continue to promise all things to all people, but neither do it in the tactful way that Bill Clinton did it. Both are trying to discover what independent voters want as our group continues to trounce both Republican and Democratic registrations. "We-are-winning-in-Iraq-this-month" McCain and "We-are-losing-in-Afghanistan-this-month" Obama while not discussing the new war with Pakistan, blatantly promise all types of bailouts, an old trick to get votes from everyone. Neither address the fact that this bailout money will come from foreigners and the printing press and that it will create larger market bubbles for future generations if their schemes don't collapse our war funding economy before then. Both promised things to Independents like me (because they need the independent votes to win). McCain even quoted President Truman to get the Democratic votes. He talked about embracing everyone. Isn't that what prostitutes do? McCain didn't explain how he's keeping the donations to his campaign that came from America's largest financial institutions which are looking forward to his giving them something in return, like more"bailouts."

Meanwhile, while not discussing where this money would come from, McCain talked about lowering taxes. Perhaps this was to win over the Reagan fans and Libertarians that fail to remember that lowering taxes won't stop Congress from spending, printing and borrowing. Of course he wouldn't talk about having to print money like it would go out of style or how he'd have to borrow more than the 2 trillion we already will owe China. McCain is not so blind that he doesn't realize that the almighty dollar is already going out of style. It simply doesn't stop him from hiding the empire's decline from the American people. Does a prostitute like to remind his customer of the downside? Of course not. Like Obama, McCain plays upon the complete ignorance of the American people.

To make matters worse, Obama talked about fiscal responsibility and stopping the rape of America while selling the public on his giving 95% of them tax cuts. McCain chastised him saying that Obama will spend $800 billion for new health and technology programs (something McCain has already voted for). So, what I hear them both saying is that they believe in printing more money and borrowing even more from foreign governments like China where McCain claims we already owe $500 billion.They aren't even talking about where the $800 billion bailout money or future funding for our international invasions is going to come from, what with Obama going into Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and McCain going into Iran. I'm confused. What religion are McCain and Obama anyway, Sunni or Shia? Then we must reassure Israel. Perhaps they are Jewish. After, Israel will be one of many countries getting a large chunk of the $800 billion we plan on spending abroad. Anyway you spin it, both dunder bunnies will try to spend more money while the government gets less tax revenues. I'll send them my accountant's phone number. Do either of them even have a BA in economics? Of course not.

You don't need a degree to decide what campaign money you'll accept. If the devil gave you $100, would you accept it? Of course either candidate would answer yes as neither returned the contributions from financial institutions. It all makes me want to start a new party as a statement against communism and totalitarianism in America. I could call it the "No Party" party. But that's not really necessary. We have alternative candidates now. I've listed them here in the left column and at the bottom of this article. Look at them carefully. Are they as terrible as Obama and McCain? No they are not. I would take Nader or Barr any day over the Demopublican candidates even though they are almost ideological opposites. I like Barr better, even though I don't trust "born again" Libertarians. At least Nader has been more consistent if not hypocritical in thinking that this corrupt government can somehow become better by taking care of more things like health care. Come on Ralph, "Do I really want to the let the government fox have more power over the hen house?" Still, you beat the Obama/McCain or Biden/Palen alternatives. Hmm.. I wonder if Obama and McCain ran on one ticket, they'd be able to beat Biden and Palen running on another ticket. Would it make any difference in the economy or in our international relationships? I think it would be just as entertaining as the current slate. I know, I know, the ballots have already been printed. It was just an amusing thought.

Back to reality, we have McCain and Obama both selling communism while calling it something else. Meanwhile, the press has everyone blaming deregulation and the free market for our problems, which is not what really happened. The root problem is that we have let monopolies buy our government. This all is a side story to the fact that our government has been scamming us for decades and either candidate, if elected, will further devastate the country, the economy and our international reputation. To vote for either would be to vote against ourselves and the Constitution and would be a vote against the principles of the founding fathers. As I watched the numbing speeches of both McCain and Obama, I was again aghast at all the fans' exuberance, clapping like seals waiting for their next fish. As a whole, Americans deserve what is going to happen to us. Unfortunately, they will have also stuck me and the rest of the world with their choices. At least I will be able to say that I didn't help either the Republicans or the Democrats. I was not a part of the Nuremberg rallies. Instead, I am a part of the fasting growing group of registrations. I am an Independent.

On Registering to Vote..

On the one hand, I guess the wonderful thing about America is that any breathing adult, that is not a felon and is registered to do so, can vote. The tragedy is that some of these same folks do end up voting, enough in fact to ruin us. The government, via the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, spends millions—if not billions, each year to register folks to vote no matter how brain dead they might be. The registration itself is a tool for the parties to control the masses. Look at all the information you must provide the government. Social, driver's licence, address, phone, email addresses, etc. Then the media is used by corperica as a tool to get Americans excited about elections and the two infamous parties that they control. The press uses words like "amazing" to describe boring candidate speeches. They help us show the world how great we are that we let a black man or a young women run for the highest offices in the land. "See, America is a fair nation! We are not just a bunch of chauvinist racists!" Never mind that both the black man and the young woman are still partisan parts of the mafia. The media and debate circus are important to making sure the electorate as a whole is watered down by those that don't think critically and those that align themselves with parties that keep them divided. What would happen to today's politicians should Americans ever become educated and then unite and then vote accordingly?

On Stealing from the American People..

I like to say that Republicans keep their hands in your right pockets and the Democrats keep their hands in your left ones. When they do bi-partisan things, they end up with all their hands in all your pockets. Try to remember that. Today's bailouts prove my point. Both Obama and McCain voted for them despite the will of "we the people." With the collapse of the American economy (and it will collapse), we are finally seeing this play out. Americans will get what they deserve. This is repayment for our spineless political ignorance and apathy. Under public education indoctrination, we have only gained "prison skills." We have only learned how to rip ourselves off and how prostitution works.

A Very Important View of History

In 1911, the Federal Farm Loan Board created one of the many situations that later frustrated attempts to resolve the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl situation. Government's attempts to macro manage the marketplace became very stylish from that point onwards despite the fact that the interventions always caused greater problems down the road.

Then, in 1913, President Woodrow Wilson and Congress created the first of our most major problems, The Federal Reserve System. Prior to that, Presidents would veto such trends because they knew that governments would always print more money than was backed by assets in the vault. To date, the prior presidents have proven themselves wiser than Wilson.

In 1933, Congress thought that "The Great Depression," which they had created, was in fact a calling for U.S. Government involvement in the market place on behalf of their banking friends who were losing money as smart people got the heck out of their banks. Hence Congress and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to encourage Americans to invest in their friends' banks. FDR also made it illegal to own more than $100 in gold, something many Americans valued as a hedge against inflation, devalued currencies, and something they could take with them in the event they had to leave the country. In this free country, Americans would not be free to trade in anything they want. Americans fell for FDR's plans "hook line and sinker." The fact was that the United States government wanted to steal gold from the people, just like in the days of Kings. Today, there is still not enough money to really insure the banks without printing more or borrowing from foreign sources. Like Social Security and Medicare, the FDIC is technically under funded. If you keep your money in a U.S. Bank, you risk losing it, period. The U.S. government and their banker friends will lie, cheat and steal to keep you from discovering this fact all the way up to the last minute, when their largest stock holders will cash out and move their own money into a Swiss Bank Account. Hence we see the banks attempt to buy our Congressmen and Presidents and to control the Television, Radio and Newspaper through massive advertising campaigns. This is also one reason you don't get to hear from Congressman Ron Paul, Independent Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader or Libertarian Presidential Candidate Bob Barr. They have been "blacklisted." Look up their names at any website sponsored by the Newspapers, Television or Radio and you will find scant information there even though you will find a plethora of information about these gentlemen elsewhere on the Internet. Even though the people are talking about them, the media and primary parties will not.

In 1974 the "Demopublicans" further damaged the country by giving us the IRA and in 1978 the 401K in an attempt to bail out the banks and corporations through government tax incentives for our investment in their largest campaign contributors—the same corporations. Because people fell for those free lunches back then, to this day, the average corporate employee still invests in companies and people they know very little about. In our search for the illusive free lunch, we have been foolish, and again, we must pay for our foley alone and collectively. If you only have slightly more than wood in your head, you finally understand that the securities business is more like a casino than a bank. I call them "insecurities," first, because they are not secure, and second because we are so insecure about inflation that we invest in them.

In the 80's, folks grew weary of inflation and government lies. In response, they elected Ronald Reagan He and the Libertarians' idea to cut taxes to stop Congress's free spending ways was easily thwarted by the fact Congress would still borrow and print staggering amounts money. Without the tax revenue, we saw unbelievable increases in the national debt, the worst in the history of the United States as measured in any dollar year.

Despite the facts, the world still worshiped our almighty dollar and by doing so, gave it an inflated value that replaced much of the world's interest in holding gold. In part, this was because their own currencies, especially after World War II, proved even less stable than ours and the fact that gold is hard to carry, keep and invest with. Today, the unwarranted success of the Euro is starting to change that belief. Beyond that, there is little logic or common sense to their valuation. Because of the inevitable fall in the value of the dollar, Paris and Rome are officially off my vacation list for now and the foreseeable future. Perhaps I should finance an escape house in "flat-tax" Chile first.

Of course a price would have to be paid for our folly eventually, and as is our nature, we would prefer that someone else pays it. We want the government, which owns us and our property, to continue to let us have full use of both while footing the bill. In return, some of the less American of us will continue to register with the Republicans and Democrats and vote in the way that has been prescribed for them by the rich and powerful through their media. Most of us will try to stay in our comfortable boxes no matter how uncomfortable they become. After all, do you really need a home? A car? Medical Care? Food?

In 2006, when there was no doubt that the US Government didn't have the money, Congress went ahead and approved the further insuring of certain Individual Retirement Accounts up to $250,000.

On October 3, 2008, Congress temporarily increased all FDIC deposit insurance limits to $250,000. One has to ask where the reserves are for that increase. That's right. They don't exist. This is not talked about much in the media, but is yet another straw that WILL break the camel's proverbial back. The Federal government does not now, nor has it ever had the reserves needed to call itself an insurance company, something they require by law for private insurers.

Because of this wrong headed Demopublican history, when folks ask me whether CNBC's Obama or Fox's McCain will win in November, I consult my crystal ball and only the flashing words "we're doomed" show up. Because I am trying to be a good man and must live with myself, and because I will eventually go to my grave alone, I will vote for neither corrupt candidate let alone for their unmeritorious running mates. If the sheeple follow my lead, there is a chance that America will get better sooner. Meanwhile, folks like me must batten down the hatches in preparation for the storm. I need to know which cactus in the dessert is safe to eat.

The Present Day

Last week, some Americans were actually proving my point. Congress, according to the infamous CNBC news was getting letters against bailouts 300 to 1. Of course Congress's bread is buttered by bank lobbyists and they aren't really listening to those letters. CNBC is obviously in support of the bailouts, too. I wonder why so many banks have been advertising there lately???

The fact is that now, due to government borrowing, China, Japan and numerous other countries now own us and our property. Let's hope they don't foreclose.

While there is plenty of incentive for "change," it won't come from Obama and McCain. To vote for either of them is to vote for the status quo. Again, they are simply too connected to the banking cabal and a manipulated media that didn't even include or mention the other presidential contenders. Why would they? The debates themselves are now out of the hands of the League of Women's Voters and placed in the corrupt care of the Committee on Presidential Debates, which consists of 4 Republicans and 4 Democrats. The rich and powerful cabal is consolidating their assets into monopolies at the expense of American taxpayers. They are trying to "strongly suggest" that you continue to vote for the cabal. While the communists were famous for making alternative parties illegal, the Demopublicans have been more subtle. However, the result is the same.

Ironically, while not showing up for work at their Senate jobs, and while still receiving a paycheck from their constituents that were dumb enough to hire them, the corrupt McCain and Obama are receiving massive campaign money from the same banks.they intend to bail out, one way or another. Both have sold America to the highest bidders and are still doing so as I write this.We shepherds that are willing to speak truth to power have our work cut out for us as the sheep and lemmings stampede towards the failing parties for yet one more critical election.

By Law, America is Your Responsibility

My thoughts are so radical for most of you, that some of you have already started rationalizing for your candidates and your parties. You are the ones that may never admit that you have allowed America to become an elegant totalitarian state. Believe me when I say that it is becoming less elegant everyday. We must pay the piper. If you want to shed your crusty skin of infamy, there are some things you can do. Follow me through this process.

There are also a huge group of ostriches out there that won't vote at all, some of which are hoping that if they pray about it, it will all get better on its own. To them I say that the Lord helps those that help themselves. Rolling over and playing dead simply won't make America a better place.

There are still more hurdles. Since developers control most local governments, many of you saw massive over-development at your expense. With more homes for sale than buyers, do you wonder what happened to the value of the home your living in? Wonder not. We have been sucker punched again. Americans have co-dependently enabled America to stay sick by being slow, apathetic and irresponsible. Now we must learn about reality and paybacks the hard way, through a great inflationary depression that will make the "Great Depression" seem miniscule by comparison. Only the cheap cost of progress can help to ease what would otherwise be starvation and homelessness. Unfortunately, I'm not sure progress will be enough to prevent what might now be inevitable.

Why do the Rich and Powerful promote the Republicans and Democrats?

It really comes down to dollars and cents. Big bucks are spent to advertise and the media needs the big money to stay in business, keep up with its competition, or to gain a competitive edge. That's why the media is fighting to protect its corporate sponsors that desire to keep the Republican and Democratic parties in power and under their control despite their horrid and deadly reputations. After all, it would be far more expensive to have to spend additional money to bribe Ralph Nader, the Greens and the Libertarians. On their sponsors behalf, the media isn't mentioning the other candidates even though both Ralph Nader and Bob Barr have been trying to warn "you the people." about current events. They both have been more correct than the Republicans and Democrats and both don't lie and tell you the lofty unpatriotic stories Americans have been trained to listen to. (At least not nearly as much as the Demopublicans).

"We the People" should have taken off our rose colored glasses a long time ago. We must make a personal effort to seek good answers rather than wait for the media to bring their own convoluted bi-partisan solutions to you. This requires that you get off the couch and head for the Internet to OpenSecrets.org or the Washington Posts listing of incumbent records. (See Left Column)

Let's fix this!

Fixing America requires that you first and foremost stop registering with the Republican or Democratic parties and that you stop voting for their candidates. Learn to ignore them. Otherwise you will continue to be part of the problem. When will you finally have had enough? Change starts with you. Because the world is voting for sin doesn't mean you have to. If you want change, you must be disciplined and "Stand Tall." To hell with everyone else. Being American means that you are free to travel down a different path. Think hard about it. You will go to your grave alone.On that day, how do you want to look back on your life? Do you want to think of yourself as a sheep, lemming or ostrich? I say, "To thine own self be true." In my opinion, after all is said and done in this current dilemma, Americans without a backbone are not really Americans at all. Collectively, I don't think we've had a backbone for a long, long time. Just because everyone else does something doesn't mean you have to do it.

Honesty and Discipline are the answers to our dilemma. If we practice those traits, our government would soon follow. There would be few large political parties and far less intervention in the internal affairs of foreign governments. We must recognize that we are not perfect enough to cast stones at all the other countries and other forms of government. The rest of the world realizes that. When will we wake up to that current reality.

If we don't fix this..

Perhaps the American dream is dead or maybe it never really existed in the first place. Either way, our majority consists of immature cave dwellers and political infants. It is a matrix of sheep, lemmings and ostriches that deserve the inevitable calamity of war, crime and poverty. Other than the children, there are few innocents. The remainder of us must suffer the fools that pull us down into their world.

I'm convinced that had Americans listened to me 20 years ago, we would be a far greater nation today. Sadly, Americans chose this bed to lie in and it is one that, to at least some degree, I am laying in with you. So for those that won't fight the good fight, suffer your bankruptcies, your wars and bailouts without complaint and I sincerely hope you learn your lessons this time around. You will certainly wear the scars for awhile and they should tell you something. The tremendous back breaking debt and the lesson itself might be all that you leave your posterity. Let's hope that the next generation is the first generation to move towards the exit from Plato's cave. Because we were not good parent-teachers, the next generation shows little political will or promise. That in and of itself will be a tough admission for American parents. Like the generations that preceded you, you gave up your self and your property to government ownership. For the sake of your children, let's hope our creditors don't liquidate.

It's time to pay for our lack of honesty and discipline. Because we've collectively borrowed our way through life, we now face the actual costs of living. We no longer find it so easy to get a loan. This is life's justice. This is our reward. Generosity should come from the heart, not from an institution such as the U.S. Government and through the theft of "other people's money."

So What is Caesar's?

It's easy to sit back and tell a friend or creditor that you own your own home. You, might discuss the idea that you have certain inalienable rights or that the tax man has stolen YOUR money. While the rich and powerful laugh at us, perhaps we should sit back for a second and reflect. If, biblically speaking, we should give unto Caesar what is his, perhaps we should first define what is Caesar's. By Biblical rules it looks as though we are dividing up the planet between ourselves and our governments. We are dividing up what is theory and what is reality. At the end of the argument, we see an increase in war, crime and debt. Lot's of property appears to have exchanged hands. We see governments writing more and more laws as to what we can do with our bodies and property all in the name of a better world, or at least a better world for Caesar and his backers. Even here in America, when the British left, we took the loyalists property without compensation. A precedent was set. He who holds the power can take what he darn well pleases.

The American theory is that we get to own our "property" and, of course, ourselves. This stems from British Common Law or perhaps even the theory of Natural Law (God's Law). Even that which government controls theoretically belongs to "we the people." After all, we elect representatives and then pay for government services with our money—or is it our money?

In reality, when you live somewhere that a government has control over, you own nothing. After all, if you can't control something, you really don't own it. Somebody else does. Since the beginning of such institutions as government, the rich and powerful have controlled the planet. To a point, you live at the pleasure of the rich and powerful. They can take your land for any reason and can even force you to take medication, vaccinations, etc. If you raise a fuss, they can lock you up and throw away the key or send you to some other country and let them do it. (This is thanks to Extraordinary Rendition made into law in 1995 by President William Jefferson Clinton's Presidential Decision Directive 39 and practiced by President G.W. Bush) Most of the time, you go along with the program for fear of the consequences of not being a good little sheep, lemming or ostrich.

The rich and powerful realize that there could be trouble for them if they get too heavy handed with too many people. Hence, through the vehicle of governments, they finesse the system in such a way that you actually believe that you have control and own things. This is true up to the minute that "we the people" rise from the couch and oust the Czars of this and that and the figure heads of royal favor like modern day Marie Antoinettes.

The "media sensationalized" race between McCain and Obama, et al, is a fine example of selling the Kool-Aid to the people. For example, McCain tells us that his country saved him from a Vietnamese prison and he therefore owes the country a life debt. He fails to remind us that it was his country that got him there in the first place. It's like dunking someone's head under water and then letting him up for air. The victim could say that you saved their life even though it was you that put their head under water. Too many of us drink the Kool-Aid and get so excited as though somehow this Democrat or Republican will be different than all the rest that came before them. I'm sorry, but they are still donkeys and elephants and no matter what change they pretend to offer, they'll still be what they are, donkeys and elephants–even if you put womanly lipstick upon them.

A Bigger Truth

There is an even greater overriding reality that the rich and powerful prefer that you don't exercise. That is that no one person or small group can stand alone against "we the people" when we get mad enough. Collectively, in every country, "we the people" have the real power. The trick of the rich and powerful is to keep "we the people" divided into groups like Republicans and Democrats, men and women, black and white, young and old, etc. As long as we're fighting amongst each other, they can continue to run away with the wealth.

When "we the people" unite, the rich and powerful controllers of the planet tend to have hell to pay. It always amazes me how easily we all tend to climb back into the "control box" that they built for us. The media talks about how amazing Obama, McCain, and Sarah Palin are. There is nothing amazing about them. In fact they bore me. They were all hired to do a job for a paycheck (and then some). If they live through their careers they will be likely to become very, very rich. Remember, they will all NOT do their jobs and still receive their paychecks while trying for a bigger job. Look at McCain and Obama's records while they've been campaigning. It will be obvious to you that their constituents have been ripped off! Then "we the sheep, lemmings and ostriches" will elect the con-artists for an even more important position as president and vice president. (This is not the case for Bob Barr and Ralph Nader.) Many of us feel that we have no choice because we have been manipulated into believing in the system. We are again proving that we are sheeple and need to be treated accordingly. The media, controlled by the same rich and powerful folks, has a ring in each of our noses and, as long as we remain thoroughly entertained, we will do little to free ourselves from our self imposed yoke. We have allowed ourselves to be "kept." We are more like fenced in dogs than spoiled cats, because we are constantly begging for our master's attention. Any way you look at it, we are far from being free, responsible and intelligent humans. We are still very deep inside the cave.

The Solution

The solution lies with what you choose to do. You are very powerful, but first you must believe in yourself and in your power. First, you re-register as an independent. In California, that means "Decline to State or DTS." Next, you follow the candidates' records and where their money comes from. Much of this information is linked to from or found directly on this web page.

Lastly, support candidates that won't take the money from special interests and who take it only from individuals located in their district and in limited amounts. You must demand candidates that are not on the take. Stand firm on these solutions. Do not vote for them otherwise. Don't worry, Obama or McCain won't make any real difference in the world. Washington will be business as usual. Doing this for yourself will set a living example for your family and friends. Independents are the fastest growing group in America. You will not be alone. Republican and Democratic registrations are way down. According to the PPIC, in California, at the rate people are registering Independent, there may be no qualified Republican Party by 2015. Wouldn't you like to become part of something more meaningful?

Who's Really Running for President

Notice the similarities of where McCain and Obama are getting their money and one reason why I say there will be no difference between them once elected and also why the election will again be razor close unless Americans find their brains and refuse to vote for either. When you vote for the lesser of two evils, all you'll get is evil. Do you vote for evil? I will be looking very closely at either Bob Barr or Ralph Nader. We need integrity and responsibility, something both McCain and Obama lack. Don't believe me? Look at their voting records then decide for yourself. Unlike CNN or Fox News, at least I am willing to show you this important information up front.

Bob Barr - Libertarian - www.bobbarr2008.com - His Record - His Money

John McCain - Republican - www.johnmccain.com - His Record - His Money
Top Contributors - Merril Lynch, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase & Co., AT&T

Cynthia McKinney - Green - votetruth08.com - Her Record - Her Money

Ralph Nader - Independent - www.votenader.org - His Record - His Money

Barack Obama - Democrat - www.barackobama.com - His Record - His Money
Top Contributors - Goldman Sachs, University of California, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Harvard University

I've saved you some time and research. The rest is up to you. Do you have a backbone? If not, perhaps it is you that should be deported? Because without a backbone, it is quite possible that you are not good, nor honest, nor an American. Sorry I have to be so blunt, but what will it take for me to get the average American off the couch?

Deprogramming Republicans and Democrats

The fastest group of registrations is the Independent group (Decline to State (DTS) in California.) This part of the article is for Republicans and Democrats that insist on staying registered with the two corrupted parties. A common argument is that any party that would take their place would have to become corrupt , too. We'll for the sake of argument, lets get out of the political arena so we can see the flaw in your not-so-critical thinking.

Say that most folks are sex offenders. They vote their own kind into office. As time goes on, society suffers from this predominance of sex offenders. Families fall apart, etc. Folks start looking for change, yet they keep on voting for sex offenders because they collectively believe that only a sex offender can win even though some non-sex offenders actually run for office. The society dissolves into anarchy, something they are not accustomed. to. They don't do very well and blame the elected offenders for the catastrophe. There is no sense to any of it and two plus two continues to equal seven.

To register and vote Republican or Democrat is actually just as bad. It is a vote for communism, totalitarianism, mafia-ism, big government, huge debts, war, crime and political prostitution. How much more proof do Americans need? Isn't it worth trying something else? Isn't it worth a real vote for change?

Aren't you tired of selling yourself out? Isn't it better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all? The American way is to be bold, take risks and go places man has never gone before. One way to do that is to re-register Independent. In order for change to occur, it is you that must change. Stop voting for those that rig our debates and elections. Promote independent candidates that best represent you. Give them your time and money. Become more honest, informed and disciplined. Restore the American Dream, if not for you, for your children. Learn to "Stand Tall." As honest and disciplined as you are, so will go your country.

I'm open. Write me if you feel differently: mmurphy@americanliberty.org