Michael MurphyWhat Happened to America?

The Solution to our National Emergency is my Holiday Gift to the American People. I can lead you to the water, but I can't make you drink.


Presidential Race and what you should have known before you wasted your vote on Obama or McCain. In effect, you doomed the American economy for at least 10 more years.

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Now go do the right thing and stop voting for the lesser of two evils. Voting for the same thing over and over again expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Are you insane?

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Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter)
8th of December, 2008

If you read my recent articles, or better yet, my book "The Government," you might recall that that work was a pricey affair at $49 bucks. It seemed only a few college professors thought it would be worth the money. However, had Americans bought that work, they would have been much more prepared for the current state of the economy and the deterioration of the American Empire. They would have better understood our place in the world and our relationship to China and the European Union. They could have already made plans accordingly. Instead, each new event seems to shock the average American when it should come as no shock at all. And even then, after all the bad news, they again allowed themselves to be conned into voting for what they considered to be the lesser of two evils. After all, what did Americans end up with but a terrible President Elect who cheated to gain office by not allowing other candidates to debate him. Actually, we cheated ourselves and got what we deserved for our almost total lack of honesty and discipline that would have stopped such shenanigans years ago.

So What Did Happen to America?

Soberly put, it was the American people that happened to America. In the beginning, when the Christian Europeans arrived, America was a harsh place where less than 13% of those that settled could expect to survive two more years. The land and those that were already here gave little room for dishonesty and any lack of discipline. You planted and nurtured the crops and if you didn't do everything right, you died. Ironically, many that came were funded by the welfare of the British Crown, which gave them hundreds of acres just to leave England. The new world would be a harsh awakening for an already toughened crowd. The weak would perish and the strong would set the underpinnings for what would eventually be known as the United States.

Today, we live in a much more dishonest and undisciplined America, whose pundits and politicians representing the same rich and powerful class that has always ruled the governments of the planet have made America into the kind of shriveling world that our society deserves. Even some of them have been caught by the winds of dramatic climactic and economic change.

As honest and disciplined as Americans are, so will go their government. If you desire a better America and wish to become part of the solution rather than part of the problem, read further..

The Solution

The cure for our woes can be found within your own honesty and discipline. You've grown up in a box and have grown accustomed to that box. We must learn as a child learns to overcome our childish ways. I'll break this up into two categories; economics and government.

Economically, you need to abandon trading in dollars and cents whenever possible. Start thinking in terms of real trade in value. The average American family of four owes over $500, 000 to the Federal government, which owes that money to China, Japan and numerous other dubious investors in the American gas guzzling trinket purchasing economy. That same family only owes approximately $90,000 in personal debt. In other words, every average man, woman and child is in the hole about $150,000. What mom and dad don't pay off, the kids will be obligated to pay off, thanks to the unique ability of our government to print money and to acquire debts. Don't you wish you could print your own money? Of course the government hates competition and therefore it would be illegal for you to do so. The situation is far worse this year and will, thanks to our government's fair representation of a lazy and dishonest public, be far, far worse next year. Let's hope China doesn't decide to foreclose on us. How's your Mandarin?

You are currently, via your 401K, IRA's and other government schemes and via your personal gambles in the securities markets—which includes your investments in bank accounts, heavily leveraged beyond your average means. You will be eaten alive by inflation and short of a massive disease that kills off half of the population, likely to lose your homes should the banks choose to take them from you. Half the time, they keep you in them due to their own insolvency or to keep the vandals from stealing the copper.

However, our constitution allows you an out. It's called bankruptcy. It's the same out that corporate America should be using rather than charging off their debts to the taxpayers' children. If an investor purchases General Motor's assets at 1/4 their value, the investor will have a much better chance of producing a cheaper car. If you're personally afraid of the stigma of bankruptcy, maybe it will feel better if you realize that Thomas Jefferson filed bankruptcy twice. Perhaps you'd rather sell your 401K or IRA, short sell your home and then garage sale your furniture before you file. Be my guest. However, you probably could have kept it all by filing sooner. That's your choice.

Regardless of your current financial capabilities, stop investing in companies and people you know nothing about. Start supporting your local businesses, the people you know. Put what fiat currency you have left into more solid (or should I say SOLID) investments, (perhaps a local farm.) Learn how to trade. Trade your goods and services for other goods or services you need to survive. Learn how NOT to measure things in terms of an inflationary dollar. It's like having a ruler that shrinks each time you use it. There really isn't any currency that's backed by anything, so why bother trading in them. They are not backed by silver, gold or tobacco anymore.

Start a victory garden. The things that are really important are food and shelter. Next is your medical expenses. Everything else is forfeit. Buy as little Chinese "crap" as possible. Away goes your big screen TVs and fancy toys. There will be no Hawaiian vacation this year. I won't even discuss your video games and time spent watching sports. Become a better defendant. Know how to protect yourself and your family from the coming surge in crime. Maybe you should befriend an anarchist or survivalist. Some know how to survive financial catastrophes better than you do and their knowledge and friendship may come in handy. As I mentioned in the previous article, start listening to the experiences of those that have lived through the chaos of governmental collapse. Get a Somalian, Ukrainian, Cambodian or Vietnamese friend. Learn which cactus is safe to eat.

The second part regards our illustrious government that has reflected our own dishonesty and lack of discipline so well. It has taken things two steps further as it has made America into an elegant totalitarian state. First, it has encouraged us to be stupid and to invest in companies and people we know nothing about. Second, it has made it illegal to trade easily in things other than the fiat currency we refer to as the dollar. Learn to read our society of lemmings. If everyone is buying, you should be selling. When everyone is selling, you should be buying. Again, only buy necessities for awhile. No Christmas buying will result in better sales in January, and please—no gift cards. Bankrupt companies like Mervyns or Linen's and Things might not honor them.

Our government has not been as blunt as the German and Soviet governments after World War I, but it is having the same long-term effects. We are going down because the Ponzi scheme has created a bubble that can no longer be bailed out by war, New Deals, the creation of IRA and 401K tax incentives, loans to failing companies, loans to homeowners, incentive checks and the borrowing or the printing of money. Like you, our government has rung up their credit cards to the extent they can no longer handle the payments. "We the People" need to foreclose on our own government before the rest of the world, caught in a similar predicament beats us to it. You can start by ignoring those that have never solved this problem. Ignore the Democratic and Republican parties. Consider Obama and McCain their last hurrah and their last crooked stand!

Start supporting independent candidates that don't take the money from the rich and powerful via their lobbyists. Contribute to their campaigns so that they have enough to run and win. Never, ever give another Republican or Democrat a single red cent. You are already paying them more than they deserve through your taxes. Incumbents should not get any raises until an honest and disciplined economy returns. This will take at least 10 years and probably more due to Congress and the existing and incoming President's total lack of political will. Neither Congress, nor the Presidency represents leadership. They represent only the rich and powerful and the resulting beehive of communism—or socialism if you prefer to call it that. The rich and powerful love the worker bee that does everything it is told to do no matter what it means to their own health and wealth.

Quit asking what your government can do for you. It is not just a big insurance company. It wasn't intended to bail us out of every emergency we get ourselves into. That's what family, friends and charities are for. If you don't have any friends, perhaps you need to resolve that issue, too.

The results of these actions will mean a more disciplined and honest electorate supporting folks that reflect their honesty and discipline. Your actions will eventually mean a stronger America. We are made up of too many generations killing time and spending money until death do them part. All generations are way too entertained. And because of this, the younger generations lack the knowledge and discipline to fix this. If you care about yourself, your family and America, it all has to start with you. You can become a living example to others and that's where true leadership begins.

I'm open. Write me if you feel differently: mmurphy@americanliberty.org