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Ray Johnston, Senior Pastor at Bayside Church greets Bush at $2,000 fund raiser for John Doolittle at Serrano County Club in El Dorado Hills.*


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Michael Patrick Murphy, Placer County LP Vice Chair, Candidate for the CA Assembly District 4
9th of October, 2006

Okay, I'm not a Christian in spirit though baptized as a Methodist when I was very young. However, I've got a pretty good grip on devilish definitions and I admit that it would appear to Christians that the Devil held my attention at various points in my own personal history.

Still, I'm curious how Ray Johnston, Senior Pastor of Bayside Church, reconciles his own dealings with the Devil, especially when those dealings hit the front page of the Placer Herald, a paper that is no stranger to its own editorial sins.

It's no secret that Bayside thrives on its own controversy which started when they received local neo-con government favoritism in establishing its current site. The neo-cons like John Doolittle, Ted Gaines and Kirk Uhler even have election staff they can count among their flock. It goes back to my original premise that if you were a communist and you really want to be a supervisor in Placer County, you best join Bayside Church and register as a Republican because otherwise, the unethical and un-Christian machine would never let you into office.

Bayside is a hot target for the Devil's attention these days as their political leader, G.W. Bush, continues his lying to the American people and membership in the Skull and Bones society at Yale. Let's see, "skull and bones." Sounds Christ-like doesn't it? Still, roadside bombs are defined as terrorism while bombing whole villages with stolen money and killing men, women and children, what Bush calls innocents, is not terrorism. That's hypocritical in the least. Planting arms under Saudi soil for future Rapid Deployment Forces that live in bases on Saudi soil, and then calling Osama Bin-Laden a crazed terrorist? Well, that's also hypocritical. Yes, the Devil loves hypocrites.

Then you take his supporters, hypocrites 99% of the time. They steal your money to send someone else to fight their wars for them. Then they under fund the troops in their war. Then they add insult to injury by going out and remodeling their kitchen and buying a new HD TV and SUV. These are not Americans in the Constitutional sense. These are parasites and hypocrites and many can be found at Bayside Church under the misguided leadership of Pastors like Ray Johnston. Yes, to them, the world is all about them and what they can steal from you–including your sons and daughters!

Then you add insult to injury with Prince John Doolittle's wife bringing profits to the Doolittle family through his own campaign fund raising. Let's see. You intended to give money to John so he could win his election and do-battle against the evil Godless Democrats. However, John & Friends and Family diverted your funding into John's personal accounts. Sounds Christ-like doesn't it? Still, the folks at Bayside lend a blind eye as do his friends at William Jessup University in Rocklin. After all, Doolittle believes God setup the United States. I say, that through John Doolittle and G.W. he set us up alright.

Then you take the virtual communist, Ted Gaines and his communist redistribution of the wealth programs. Remember, a communist doesn't believe in God. So why is Ted a member at Bayside??? Because that's how he gets to be a supervisor and then perhaps our Assemblyman if the Godless neo-cons have their way. I certainly can't visualize him as a practicing Christian even though he steals my money to give to Granite Bay Easter Egg hunts.

Of course it stands to reason that a pastor at Bayside, like Ray Johnston, is of like mind. Funding evil when he's not in church is NOT my idea of a responsible leader setting a Christ-like example for his flock. So what's in it for Ray. Does anybody question where Bayside funds go? Does anybody know? Does anybody even know if their leaders are leading a hedonistic lifestyle or not? Are these folks truly charitable or is there an ulterior motive? I wonder how small and humble these leaders' homes are?

Now I'm not saying that Darth Vader runs Bayside Church. Everyone knows that's a fictional character. But as Ray Johnston lends his support to communism and terrorism via George Bush and his oily friends, at least I know that were I a Christian, Bayside would be the last church I would attend. After all, the Devil loves hypocrisy and Bayside Church is full of such hypocrites. Me, I'd rather not sit next to Beelzebub.

What can you do about it?

Start by attending an apolitical church. Watch where the church's money is going and make sure they give you a statement of accountability.

Quit promoting un-Christ-like behavior through your church. The marriage of church and state has always poisoned both the church and the state. Bayside is a prime example. Keep them separate. Live a Christ like example and quit casting stones using the tool of government. Unless you're into bombing others into becoming Christians and setting up a U.S. style government, Bayside is not for you.

Be the very best Christian you can be. Picture Christ pulling the switch on the electric chair, holding an M16 or reaching into your back pocket to steal money from you without your permission to give to somebody else. Didn't happen , did it? However, such Christians are promoting groups like "Battle cry" where Christians drive onto the stage in a camouflaged Hummer in camouflage pants wearing dog tags with a cross on the back. Christ is without a doubt, rolling in his grave.

Wake up Christian sheep, lemmings and ostriches. It may be time to find a new sheppard!

What the Government Should Do

Since Bayside Church is for all intent and Rock n' Roll purpose, an apparent arm of the Republican Party, start taxing the heck out of it. The Church is obviously borderline legal if it is indeed legal. If one were to believe all the articles and complaints about Bayside, one would certainly realize that it is a Christian church in name only. Granted, we can't really condemn the whole church's membership or possibly its other pastors just because of a few bad apples, but let's put them on notice to clean up their act and stay out of politics. I'm sure Bayside attendees would love to know that when their pastor gets a paycheck, some of it might go to George W. Bush, John Doolittle or indirectly to a Republican PAC. Bayside is a money making machine and I'm curious where all that money is going. Is it into legislation? Is it in an attempt to force others to follow this brand of Christian rules?

Further Reading

Marx and Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto . It's available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon or Border's for around five or six bucks and is only about 50 pages long. Then you'll know what communism is by definition and you'll understand how right I am about Ted, Prince John and King George. If you love our constitutions and believe in the American Dream, quit being ignorant and take action. Otherwise, in the end, you'll probably get exactly what you deserve.


* The Placer Herald - October 4, 2006

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Mike's views do not necessarily represent the views of the Placer County Libertarian Party Mike can be reached at mmurphy@americanliberty.org
Michael Patrick Murphy is the author of The Government, ISBN 0-595-30863-5 He is also running for the State Assembly in District 4. His campaign site is www.murphyforassembly.com