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As storm clouds gather in Placer County, they portend dark days for incumbents and incumbent parties.


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Michael Patrick Murphy, Placer County LP Vice Chair, Candidate for the CA Assembly District 4
21st of March, 2006

"Why am I a Libertarian?" is one of the first questions asked of me. It is not often asked of Republicans and Democrats, and perhaps it should be. I don't think many Republicans or Democrats would offer an educated or informed answer. After all, many are considering "Decline to State" independent registrations these days. They can't quite get a handle on what their parties stand for anymore. Can we blame them?

As for me, I'm a Libertarian because its the only Party that offers a reasonable alternative to what I see as an otherwise inevitable second American Revolution. I, like most Libertarians, am working within the system to save our country from the unimaginable devastation that often comes with such a revolt. I take this view with some trepidation. Were a revolution to take place peacefully and without bloodshed, I might be quick to support it. Unfortunately, as the criminal elements of our society embed themselves with the support of a mostly socialist constituency, a bloody revolution is a much more probable event than a new more Libertarian Congress and Presidency.

The symptoms of revolution are all around us and might be the inevitable consequence to follow events like September 11th and Hurricane Katrina where Government again proved itself numbingly incompetent and even arrogant. The public gave up trillions of dollars in taxes so that government could protect us against such events, but still the events happened. As I write this a mysterious package sits before the White House and the BART in San Francisco is frozen due to a bomb threat. I haven't yet heard the results. Was it real or was it just a government warning to the American people that we must still somehow support the Republican's President?

Just this past week, the government spent an enormous amount of money looking into a mysterious envelope powder sent to John Doolittle's Granite Bay Office. The various local agencies and departments couldn't wait to pat themselves on the back at the March 21, County Supervisor's Meeting for a prompt response to the offending envelope. To my knowledge, the "perp" was never caught. Or perhaps it was just someone sending John a baby powder sample to cover his recent problem with turning red due to all the embarrassing press around his campaign contribution business–or should I say his wife's?

The Placer County Supes couldn't wait to get a photo op with Auburn's Charlie Company representatives as they handed them a resolution politically supporting them and less candidly, the War in Iraq itself. Then, after still more photos, a Placer County flag was given to another gentlemen representing a group about to be stationed in Iraq. Again, another photo opportunity for the papers was taken showing our glowing Supervisor's in their attempt to impress a less impressionable public and those still left in the county that support their president. I think they noticed that I wouldn't stand for it and I didn't anymore than I dumb down to say the Pledge of Allegiance. That kind of political schmoozing isn't my style. Were I to do either, I would be a dishonest man and much less of an American patriot. But, as expected, the sheep and lemmings stood up and cheered! I guess they still think they are actually supporting our troops just like they assume that saying the Pledge of Allegiance is supporting our country and what it once stood for. Meanwhile, our less lustrous president told the press he was keeping us in Iraq until at least 2008. I guess King George can do that nowadays thanks to a forever bending over Congress. If it's a revolution he wants, he sure is making his desires obvious these days, just as the King George of England did in the mid-eighteenth century. Both Georges are prompting a revolution. Unlike the case with Vietnam, I have to ask how King George plans to use the national guard to put down demonstrations this time? Aren't they over in Iraq fighting Bush's Republican War against the other insurgents?

Even the government's own officials are inundated by such situations, they are all too quick to point out that protests against our occupying Iraq are not as well attended as those that occurred during the Vietnam War. Well, they didn't have cameras and video watching them to be added to the FBI Watch List back then. The Vietnam protesters were also not cordoned off into out of the way side streets. Don't worry, they are there all over the Internet, just like me. The government is already trying to downplay the symptoms of a physical revolution while it slowly and methodically prepares for the revolution by removing our civil rights one by one, posting cameras on street corners and otherwise beating the drums of fear amongst the populace. Perhaps what I'm really talking about is a "Counter Revolution" because in fact, the government has already removed all but the symbols of a democracy. Today, elections are rigged while our personal freedom is violated and our lands are sacrificed in the name of "eminent domain." You are no longer sovereign as a virtual oligarchy runs or controls almost every aspect of your lives. Like happy slaves, that only grumble occasionally against those "communist" democrats, Republicans advertise their contentment, well at least those that still hang in there with their corrupt and un-American party. Some may drive new cars and live in chateaus in Whitney Ranch, all of which most don't own, but work hard to keep up the payments on. After all, America saves negative 7 percent now while their Chinese counterparts actually earn 1/20th of what we earn while lending us money giving them a 20-25% savings rate! Meanwhile we suffer the inflation and devaluation of our dollar. Now who's the dumb China man??? Its funny that the statements Republicans make in their own defense are almost exactly the same as those made by the Loyalists prior to and during the American Revolution. "We've got the best government on earth! Why would you want to change it?" I have a message for such people wearing "rose colored glasses."Don't deny me freedom and quit stealing my money. If you keep going the way you're going, you may find yourselves in a similar predicament as your Loyalist counterparts of yesteryear. I sure wouldn't want to have to leave America in the steerage quarters on a ship.

However, it is my firm belief that those in the seats of real power intend for this nation to actually have a physical revolution. I think Bush's membership in the Skull and Bones Society of Yale makes him a part of a small group that desires world chaos so that they can then offer their own "supreme" idea of world order. After all, it was George "Wiretapusall" Bush's father and fellow Skull and Bonesman, that as president, announced a "New World Order," a term used often by conspiracy theorists of prior decades. With Bush Senior's Desert Storm, it appeared that the conspiracy theorists were vindicated.

Why else would current events such as the other Skull and Bonesman, Justice Souter's Eminent Domain decision override all constitutional sensibilities. Why else would Bush literally provoke world opinion against us? Why else would he provoke the terrorists themselves? Why would he tempt them with the carrot of port instability or porous borders? Why else would he go against all the evidence and stay in a prolonged bankrupting war? Why else would he and his minions advocate total abandonment of the Constitution? There are no logical reasons. He wants a revolution.

"The United States is not likely to fall from a foreign enemy, but more likely, as in the case of the former Soviet Union, it will be destroyed from within. Heaven knows what will take its place, but were I a betting man, I would put my money on Bush having some grand plans for that eventuality, an eventuality he will have worked towards with every fiber of his being. Such is the nature of a "Bonesman."

Seething beneath the surface lie millions of Americans ready to defend their country from the enemy within as forewarned by so many Presidents in the past from Washington to Eisenhower. As the radical left and right polarize themselves, more and more people find themselves taking extreme positions that demand extreme behavior.

While there is no doubt that "we the people" allowed the corruption of our government to occur and while it no doubt reflects their own lack of principles and values, that doesn't necessarily mean its too late to get us back on track. I always joke that the country is getting exactly what it deserves, the United Socialist States of America. The sad thing for Libertarians is that we are getting exactly what they deserve, too. We can't seem to convince them that the world is not flat. They're just too slow! However, there is one very tangible political difference between some of "us" and most of "them." We will go to our grave with dignity. To me that's a pretty big deal. Its not just what we do in life, but how we choose to do it. And what will "they" go to their grave with? Not much dignity, I assure you. Most people are politically like sheep, lemmings and ostriches. They live their lives like ships without rudders. Republicans represent perhaps the most naive and ignorant and intolerable form of this "insane" phenomina. They live everyday in denial, actually believing that they have some sort of dignity. Lost are they that opted for a war and a long engagement in Iraq. Had Bush been an honest man and read Sun Tsu's Art of War, he would have realized that there never has been a prolonged war that benefited any country. I can't expect the average Republican to be so well informed on this. Yet you must figure that while we were at war, a responsible Republican would have gone to fight it or at least given his money towards supporting the troops and keeping them from harms way as much as possible. However, many of these so called "flag wearing" "bumper stickering" patriots instead went out and bought a swimming pool or a new SUV. Were they real patriots, they would have donated to reinforce the troops and pay off the national debt rather than voting in incumbents that spent us into oblivion. We are so pathetic that we now borrow from China in order to support our addictions to spending on fun things while our boys and girls die in Iraq, Afghanistan or Indonesia, or the lucky ones that live come home to an insurmountable debt ($473,456 per household) we have passed onto them.

From the local city and county governments to the almighty State and Federal governments we see a government that is now firmly entrenched. It is now a government of the government, by the government and for the government. It is owned and run by developers and sadly, that is what probably upsets voters most. They are paying more for electricity, water, gas and infrastructure improvements put in place to meet the needs of developers and not "we the people." Meanwhile, they can't even afford their own longterm care and retirement! They even take on 30 year fixed and equity loans when they are over 55. Even our County is again looking at borrowing money from our youth to fund our future. Look at any campaign winner in Placer County and you'll usually see developer money all over the place. "How much cement can I put on each square inch of land," they ask. Placer County traffic devours us as the Cities and Chamber of Commerce use my tax dollars to advertise for people to move to my County. First they stole my money without my permission and then they used it against me! Typical modern County and City government, mafias 'til the end. There may be breaks for pretty women like Debra Lafave, but I see none for 50 year old Libertarians this week. Oh yes, I stand corrected. "The County Supervisors did ad the words that I was against revenue sharing vs that I spoke about revenue sharing.At least now the residents can now get the abreviated gist of what I was saying. I didn't drive all that way for nothing. And when I spend the 2 to 4 hours there, I'm not getting paid like the Board of Supervisors. Thank you very much for that one. Small changes are still changes and they are appreciated. Do more good things and I'll award you accordingly. Quit spending MY money and I assure you accolades and a great party!

Yes sir, we are living in an "elegant" totalitarian state where the average person is sold on socialist redistribution of the wealth and welfare for both the poor and the rich. While middle class Americans sit on the fence, they don't seem to get too upset until they fall off that fence. They fail to see taxation as theft, and in doing so, also fail to see that as the reason that their leadership are the best thieves money can buy. Until they get straight, I don't think we'll see the end of the Republican Party. That would require an end to television first.

The money flows through the County coffers like water. Supervisor Gaines, recently sponsored spending my tax dollars on an Easter Egg hunt in Granite Bay, Sacramento's equivalent of Beverly Hills. I pointed out his socialist tendencies and the fact that he redistributed my tax dollars to fund a religious event while also giving it to a city that can well afford its own Easter Egg hunts. He smugly stated that he guessed I wouldn't be getting any Easter Eggs this year. The Supervisors laughed at that. Remember, as Gandhi said, first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they get mad, then you win! After that, Supervisor Santucci decided I couldn't speak on all the other six Revenue Sharing items, including one he was sponsoring for the "Dry Creek Conservancy Creek Week." When I asked why I couldn't speak against each one, he raised his voice slightly and said because I said so and I'm sitting up here and you're down there." Man, it must've felt good to wield his Almighty power at little ol' me who dares to speak out against a superior being who's salary, I might add, is paid for by folks just like me. I waited the whole meeting because they moved that part of the Consent Agenda towards the end when most of the public had left. You see, they feel more threatened these days and I sense they will lose their cool more often. Last meeting, the County Council lost his. The meeting before that, Ted Gaines lost his. Yet in defiance, the revenue sharing spending amounts have actually risen. They may just want to prove that I can't stop them from wasting money while Bush's war is going on. However, when the conservatives of Placer County get wind of their spending habits, I think it will be they that will be looking for new jobs, hopefully in the private sector where should they continue their habits, they shall fail miserably.

As for those that request the money from their supervisors. I personally refuse to donate to those groups and organizations. I recommend that other Libertarians do the same. After all, in most of our cases, these groups are the recipients of stolen funds. Sure, the Supervisors gave it to them. It was easy for them. Here's why they gave them the money.

  • It isn't their money.
  • It gives them an opportunity to win some votes from recipients or repay others for past support.
  • It may give them a photo opportunity in the paper.
  • It makes them look like "good people" when in fact they are moving stolen goods.

Most people fall for the local pork not really thinking things through. They don't see their elected officials as communists. They don't see the County Supervisors as an oligarchy. We'll that's because they haven't been paying attention. There's too much good stuff on TV.

But there is still hope. I don't care if you live in Stalin's Soviet Union, Ho Chi Minh's Vietnam, Bush's United States or Supervisor Bill Santucci's Placer County. As honest and disciplined as the people go, so will go their government. Libertarians need to set a role model for others. Lead and they will follow. Still, even if folks don't accept our model, the model of the founding fathers, we still have our own souls, both real and virtual, to deal with. Stand tall! Stand fast!

Those that live a life of wealth obtained by "working the system" or "climbing the power pyramid" have little honor and will not live in historic greatness. The Placer County Board of Supervisors and local City Council members that allowed this County to slip into such socialist disarray will not have many to remember them dearly. They sold us down a river most residents were more than willing to head down. They are the head lemmings or Doolittle minions, mindless on their own, wielding power because it is the only thing they have left. Any resemblance to a founding father of this country was washed away the day they took their first developer contribution. Perhaps we should feel sorry for the, without any legacy of importance and a grave that awaits them with too little accomplished. They were never able to stand tall alone. The only reason they could stand at all was because they were propped up by other ants in the colony. In the coming months, I will be exposing these false leaders. We will see how they worked for the money and how strongly they believe in theft of other people's land and money to promote their "New County Order." We will see how the interlocking relationships of the incumbents worked to their own ends. We will see how they profited from their positions. And if there is any justice in Placer County, we might even see them replaced by good people with real principles that believe in America, and Freedom and Peace on Earth.

While there are surely many who ride the coattails of the social elite who hold the wealth and power in hopes of having some of that wealth and power rub off on them, we can only look upon them sadly. They live by the standards of others and in the end look no better than jackals and hyenas.

There will be some of us ready to dump the incumbents. We will vote accordingly, either with the masses or without them.

For me and for many of you, it is somehow innately important not to hit the sod having lived as a sheep, a lemming, ostrich, jackal or hyena. We somehow think of ourselves as made of better stuff than that. Or at least we aspire to mold ourselves into something better than we were before. And I have a name for us. That name embodies all the right stuff that molded us. It is "American Patriot!"

Volunteers are needed to Run Against Rocklin City Council and Placer County Supervisor Incumbents. Let's bring social and economic freedom back to Placer County!
Call (916) 435-9090 for more info.

Mike's views do not necessarily represent the views of the Placer County Libertarian Party Mike can be reached at mmurphy@americanliberty.org
Michael Patrick Murphy is the author of The Government, ISBN 0-595-30863-5