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The World Sets Upon the Largest Economic Bubble in History. Who has a pin?


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State Bills introduced by Ted Gaines since he arrived in the Assembly.

1. AB 1227 - Gaines
* Transportation funding: cities and counties. Ted's asking to apply voter approved transportation money through the sale of bonds that will encumber future generations to areas affected by tourism and snow removal so that they get their due attention.
2. AB 254 - Gaines
* Vehicles: total loss salvage vehicles. Ted's an insurance guy. As an owner, I believe he still profits from Point West Insurance. Still there doesn't appear to be much to the technical change in the wording of the old Vehicle code.
3. AB 1196 - Gaines
* Flame throwing devices. A minor law that allows folks under fire department employment to not carry a permit.
4. AB 424 - Gaines
* Wetlands mitigation banking: notice. This is actually a good idea. Notice would be required to be given to affected counties and cities before a wetlands mitigation bank is approved. This obviously helps Ted's Developer friends that gave so profusely to his campaign by putting a road block in the way of wetland preservation. You see, most Placer County and City officials receive contributions from the same "gang." Still, it is only reasonable that the Feds and State notify these entities so that they can debate the formation of such banks.
5. AB 1301 - Gaines
* Financial institutions: deposits. It looks like this is deregulation of where a company can move money between companies that it owns by taking away some governmental authority.
6. AB 248 - Gaines
* Vehicles: violations: punishment. Gives judges the ability to punish reckless drivers and folks that race on public streets as felons.
7. AB 678 - Gaines
* Crimes: fleeing the scene of an accident. Adds 5 years in jail.
8. AB 542 - Gaines
* State Historical Building Safety Board: membership is expanded to include a representative from building owners and managers.
9. AB 1072 - Gaines
* Health care coverage: California Health Insurance - Keeps the government from limiting health care choices.
10. ACA 3 - Gaines
* Expenditure limits.This is a bill that will have to be approved by voters that changes the state constitution and affects Education.

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Michael Patrick Murphy, 2006 Libertarian Candidate for the CA Assembly District 4
18st of May, 2007

Maybe its just me, but it seems that the world has never been as ripe for economic calamity as it is today. Never has mankind and its governments been so indebted. Never have so many folks invested in companies and people they know nothing about.

We have been lulled into a false sense of security. After all, how can things be that bad? We have big screen TVs worth how much in 5 years?

Irresponsibility, ignorance and apathy are to blame. The poor quality leadership in world governance only reflects mankind's insanity and tendency to ignore human history. I'm sending up the red flag and sounding the "Take Shelter" alarms. "Thar she blows!!"

Insanity's new definition beats a dead horse.

We the "sheeple," keep doing the same things that don't work over and over again. We borrow too much. We spend on "fun and pretty." We don't spend on the necessities and long term lasting infrastructure. We don't save prudently to cover our own retirement and long term care. We enable evil and those that would steal our future and that of our kids. We enable endless war. We have lost all sense of proportion and values. 70,000 dead in Iraq, sheventy schmousen! Why should we care? It's not our problem and its not our fault, (says the ugly Americans.)

Indeed, we are but fools in a sandstorm, the human onion laid bare and suffocating.

Die today..

Why not just roll over now? Then maybe you can at least say that you have made it to this point without filing for bankruptcy or becoming a charity case for others. You could say, or not, that you had no idea things were this bad. Dead, you will no longer need the garlic clove to ward off the bloodsucking vampires that wait to take your property and self. It will all no longer matter. Purgatory waits for those that set up the stage for future Armageddon. I hear that ignorance is no defense upon final judgment.

...Or take care of business

Pay off debt. Invest in solid things that you can own such as precious metals or land. Protect your property from thieves, especially the government kind. Never vote Republican or Democrat as long as you live. Educate the heck out of yourself and your kids about finance, real estate and your own long term care. If possible, obtain dual citizenship in a non-aggressive stable and more smartly governed country. Have an escape plan. Make your home and family safer for disasters such as economic calamity. Keep a full pantry and plenty of water.

Become a ship with a rudder (and maybe add some under the radar stealth capability as you batten down the hatches.). Ignore the sheep, lemmings and ostriches, but watch them carefully! In the end, it is they that will try to take your freedoms and it is they that will determine the economic value of all things physical.

Most importantly, re-engage your local government to protect your town from its own similar debacle. Take responsibility for your self and your government now!! Learn to stand tall!


Volunteers are needed to Run Against Rocklin City Council and Placer County Supervisor Incumbents. Let's bring social and economic freedom back to Placer County!
Call (916) 435-9090 for more info.

Mike's views do not necessarily represent the views of the Placer County Libertarian Party Mike can be reached at mmurphy@americanliberty.org
Michael Patrick Murphy is the author of The Government, ISBN 0-595-30863-5 He also ran for the State Assembly in District 4 in 2006.