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The Betrayal of the Average Uninformed American



Presidential Racers and what you should have known before you wasted your vote on Obama or McCain. In effect, you doomed the American economy for at least 10 more years. And one more thing to racist blacks. Obama is not the second coming of Christ. He is just another politician doing the same things as those that came before him. You were easily duped into voting for yet another Democrat or Republican. Sadly, we all will pay for your ignorance.

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Now go do the right thing and stop voting for the lesser of two evils. Voting for the same thing over and over again expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Are you insane?

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Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter)
30th of January, 2009

This morning I was listening to Obama and Biden.( I don't like using their titles and I don't consider them to be my president or vice president. I wouldn't call the godfather "don" either). Unlike most Americans, I actually know their political records and where their money came from, When I saw both of their lips moving, I knew I was listening to nothing but two liars, cheaters and traitors, This seems especially true for the middle class they claim to support. The history of these two candidates and their parties has been one action after another attempting to destroy everything offered by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. They offer ever more government dependence constantly increasing the debt that got us into this mess while switching from corporate welfare to personal welfare.

Bailout upon bailout, they continue to suggest an increase in the money supply which is actually just another tax on the American people. While money may come out of thin air, wealth does not. Americans have never really understood this, not that these politicians would change an iota of their scheme. After all, these two clowns are representing one of America's largest crime syndicates, the Democratic Party. Before you sense an anti liberal slant here, I will tell you it would have made no difference had McCain and Palin been in their shoes. Since before Abraham Lincoln, we've had a series of horrible presidents and congressmen that reflected the average Americans' ignorance, apathy and laziness. This in turn led to numerous unnecessary wars, intense worldwide brutality and a shaken model that other countries fail to understand as they wonder why we continually insist that they follow our lead. In reality, both the Democrats and Republicans have been overselling freedom to the rest of the world while at home, they have been strangling it.

Some residents that inhabit our land will defend America's prosperity and rationalize the facts above with various platitudes that are passed on by the media and the politicians—all lies and half truths. Yes, it's all about power, money and control freaks looking forward to managing your life for you. This includes the Chris Mathews and Rush Limbaughs, theoretical opposites that in reality, deliver us unto temptation. These un-worthy residents are more than happy to hand over the reigns to these folks no matter how badly they will handle them. This cabal will drive the wagon clear off the planet. America is a train wreck in progress.

It doesn't take a Nostradamus to predict our future.

The Bleak Future we Deserve

We made the bed we are lying in. We enabled those that lead us over the cliff through our poor voting choices—that is those residents that even bothered to vote in the first place. Here is what we can now look forward to in the United Socialist States of America.

  • Further scandals involving politicians and corporate leadership.
  • Further movement of your assets to the control of the rich and powerful
  • Further wild investing in uncontrolled IRA's and 401K's by ignorant Americans in companies and people they know nothing about. Further adoration of those that were lucky at the casino and who probably had loads of CIA provided insider trading information or who are big enough to move markets right or left and who then "cash out" leaving the American investor lemmings holding the bag.
  • More poverty, especially for the retired, elderly and disabled. More redistribution of the wealth so government can "appear" to be good and thereby enabling Republican and Democratic leadership to continue to get reelected. This will include more and more direct and indirect wage and price controls like those that collapsed the Soviet Union. Obama and McCain are telling us that more government is the solution despite the fact that government has total control over everything now. They seem to want to make that control more obvious and accepted. Unfortunately, most of your neighbors will accept this while spending more hours in front of the television.
  • Scummier Corporations with loads of four point fine print in your contracts. You will almost always get less than you bargained for when corporations reflect their management by over promising and under delivering. As government takes over management and provides more regulations, we will see this situation get worse rather than better.
  • More of what you buy will become worthless or break within a few years promoting planned obsolescence.
  • The devaluation of the dollar against gold and real property.
  • A national debt that will start at $250,000 per every man, woman and child in America. You won't see this on your credit report and government will continue to lie about it or use diversionary schemes to take your eye off the ball.
  • Higher crime to the extent that it can't be prevented by technologies being put in place to watch your every action and that will make DNA testing cheaper and cheaper. Crime will also be more prevalent among the police departments as city, county, state and federal budgets collapse.
  • War. Grabs for control over the weak and militarily antiquated countries by the rich and powerful via the corporations and politicians like Obama, McCain, and Biden. Terrorism will become the weapon of choice for all groups disenfranchised by corporate earth, including those that are raised here at home. The fringe will become more so.

So What Can You Do?

Take what you deserve like a sober man or woman. Things are so far along that you can no longer prevent the decline of the United States for the short run. We will suffer for at least 10 years. According to Obama's speech, we had an over 3 percent decline in the economy this past year—the worst in 30 years.

I wont bore you with political solutions. You'll find those in my book "The Government" or in these past articles.

As for your personal survival, I will say something that can ruin my business since I am loaded with non-essential junk for sale. Quit buying stuff! Don't listen to the media and George W. Bush when he tells you to spend, spend, spend. He's a very passe idiot that drove us down the path of self-destruction faster than any president since Abraham Lincoln.

Don't invest in the stock market unless you are actively able to manage the company you are investing in and know how to manage that company. Quit buying stupid stuff. Invest in your health, food, shelter. Start a Victory Garden. Buy local and only from folks you trust when ever possible. Quit blindly trusting your government and corporate products. When somebody does you an injustice, tell everyone else about it. Quit signing contracts without reading them. Caveat Emptor. Buyer Beware is the rule and always was the rule no matter how much government says it insures stuff.

Be prepared to defend your family from crime. Your police will become virtually useless at saving your life. Be more honest. Be more disciplined. Defend your self and your property from government and other criminal organizations.

Do what you say you're going to do. The basis of a stable growing economy is trust. The buck stops with you. Quit blaming everyone else for your problems. Take responsibility so that your government and your children can learn by your example. The answer to our problems do not lie in the color of our president. The answer lies somewhere in the red, white and blue of our people.

Accomplish 50 percent of the above and your chances of surviving the decline of America will be greater. I don't think the United States is going away, just going dormant. Only the strong will survive. The law of the jungle always prevails—ALWAYS!

I'm open. Write me if you think differently: mmurphy@americanliberty.org