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Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" voter)
27th of May, 2007, updated July 23, 2007

I've often written that the big problems in America are due to faults in the American people. As honest and disciplined as the American people are, so will go our government. This is not unique to democracies. It is true about all forms of government, business.and anything else that involves groups of people. I don't care if you live in Stalin's Soviet Union, Ho Chi Minh's Vietnam, Saddam's Iraq or Bush's United States; as the people go, so will go their government. The people are inevitably responsible. In America, we actually wrote it down. There are no innocent adults.

After all, it is the people that fund the government factory and no leader can stand for long when the people refuse to allow it. That's why propaganda always rises to the level of political misrepresentation . The Germans enabled and allowed Hitler to justify his actions through propaganda. The Vichy French did the same when they capitulated. And all of this happened throughout history even here in the United States and most recently regarding the War in Iraq. The current silence of Republicans in the coffee shop is deafening. There's a lot less chauvinism these days.

An ignorant, lazy population that allows themselves to be scammed is at fault in every historic instance other than outright subjugation through conquest. Perhaps that is the best justification for government; its being needed to stop conquests from outside the lines we call borders.

I suggest that the American people are no different than the Vichy French. Often both societies resemble sheep lemmings and ostriches more than free thinking, intelligent and disciplined human beings. These habits are inter-generational. These traits are passed from grand father to grand daughter. They are crimes against self and society that breed various flavors of greed, war, poverty and suffering.

Who are the greater criminals?

As we get older, we can assume some of us get a little wiser ...or perhaps a little more jaded and apathetic. Each generation charges the expense of its own irresponsibility to the next generation (see: "Republicans and Democrats Eat their own Young"). Old folks give the kids a government credit card maxed to the limit. Then they send them off to fight their wars with the bait of "college" and a world free from whatever flavor of enemy can be magnified to terrorize our youth. (Of course this is true for Muslim Nations too). Granted, having been an educator of our youth, I can safely say that they have copied their parents more than the parents realize. They too, are becoming sheep, lemmings and ostriches demonstrating the same lack of honesty, discipline and responsibility.

If one were to examine the key difference between the young and the old, it is that the old have been committing the crimes longer than the young. If I were to apply the "three strikes and your out!" theory, the old folks would not be playing baseball anymore, they'd be locked up in Sing Sing. Politicians and old folks also have something in common. They know they can snowball the youth into paying for their indiscretions. Old folks, responsible for inflation and the devaluation of money itself, get undeserved discounts at all kinds of businesses so that they, not the youth they stole from, get a deal. Who makes up the difference? Why its the youth of course. They're the ones paying for the old folks Social Security. They're paying for the old folks war in Iraq. They pay for the discounts on old folks food. Yes, the old folks have done a wonderful job at cloning themselves. You might think that the youth doesn't stand a chance. After all, most go to schools run by old folks. They learn what old folks want them to know. They learn to become Democrats and Republicans, to support them in their old age, to fight their wars for them. Old folks demonstrate their laziness about politics and governance. They demonstrate over spending and not saving for a rainy day. They demonstrate gambling, both in the casinos and in the stock market. They demonstrate the multitude of bad habits that their children will adopt. They demonstrate ignorance, laziness and irresponsibility. They demonstrate charity as a relief of their own guilt or as a tax write off. Is creating your own clones or slaves the real reason you gave birth or decided to have children? Was it to have someone to save you in your old age at their own expense? If you took care of your folks, do you expect it or even demand it of your children???

Old Folks need to Sober Up!!!

Unless old folks sober up and quit rationalizing their bad behavior, we'll have to count on a few more centuries of bloodshed, needless jihads and crusades and various other forms of poppycock. Technology will undoubtedly move forward despite us. Children will still laugh and play in the debris. Happiness will stay relative. Just consider what I've said. I hope it's sobering. Perhaps my new slogan should be, "Don't drink and run the planet."

How to end the Cycle of Ignorance, Laziness and Irresponsibility.

Let children learn new things. Guide them towards being better people than you are. Quit stealing from them by making them pay for your debts. Quit sending them off to fight your ridiculous wars for you. (This goes for you too, Osama.) That was just four things that you could do to have a better world for your children. Now just do it and maybe you'll be lucky enough to see a better world for yourself before you check out.

The old days of "honor your mother and father" are gone. It is a new dawn to "honor your children!" There was an old saying in the 60's and 70's. It's one that those that believe in Liberty should appreciate. "If you love someone, you set them free." Unsaddle them of your baggage. Give your children the gift of freedom to be seekers of truth, to be passionate and responsible. Driven by such passion and unbridled by your cynicism and pessimism, hard work will lead to their founding a better planet than the one we leave them. Perhaps, one day, we all can learn to honor each other and to honor things that are honorable.



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Mike's views do not necessarily represent the views of the Placer County Libertarian Party Mike can be reached at mmurphy@americanliberty.org
Michael Patrick Murphy is the author of The Government, ISBN 0-595-30863-5 He also ran for the State Assembly in District 4 in 2006.