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Because the Libertarian Party allows business the most freedom, why does business promote the Demopublicans?


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Michael Patrick Murphy, Placer County LP Vice Chair, Candidate for the CA Assembly District 4
7th of April, 2006

One would naturally think that business folks would be flocking to the Libertarian Party. In fact, many small business folks do. The Libertarian Party stands for less regulation and more freedom to experiment and grow in more diverse directions. It would end minimum wage laws and all aspects of where a business would have to play "policeman" for the government. Business would no longer deal with Social Security and Workman's Compensation. Because of all this, more businesses could afford to hire and train folks and many would be less reluctant to hire their first employee. The Libertarian Party is the "natural' party for all businesses.So what went wrong? Why do businesses continue to lobby and promote the campaigns of Republicans and Democrats? Surely, most Libertarians already get where I am going with this.

When you can spend a few thousand on a politician so that he can legislate your competition out of business for you, your company can see a multi-million dollar return on your political investment. If a Libertarian is refusing to legislate on your behalf, you certainly wouldn't want him or her in office. You need someone who is corruptible in order for your game plan to work.

In a world where people bank everything on the quarterly report and short term profits or growth, the game plan seems like a good idea. However, businesses immediately realize that the competition is also playing the same game, upping the ante, so to speak. Since businesses, especially corporations, must make a profit by law, they feel forced to sit at the poker table with their political recipients to guarantee the profit they are so bound by that law to provide. Hence, many cross the line, as in the case of the Republican "Duke" Cunningham and his admitted acceptance of bribes from the military-industrial complex, or the blatant legal activities of John Doolittle and his wife regarding the use of campaign contributions as a source of family income.

The problem is that in the long run, it might not work at all. The system thus created sets America up for a big crash as the political players drive America deeper into debt to provide for those that have paid for and demanded such "special" considerations. In turn, what is offered to the public is only window dressing. In the end the public pays for it all including the costs of lobbying and of borrowing from foreign nations. Hence the debt the average American family owes to the government is climbing well over $500,000. And this doesn't include their personal debt of approximately $90,000. You might call government debt our own personal "off-book-debt" since it doesn't seem to ever show up on your Experian credit report.

What can you do about it?

Americans have an embarrassing tradition of entertaining themselves and doing what is fun rather than what is right. We spent billions to defend the United States. Yet we have waited until the Twin Towers fell before we started to demand that the government fixed what was broken. Then, as thought that lesson of our apathy and ignorance wasn't enough, we repeated the scenario with Hurricane Katrina. After all, billions was again spent (or NOT) to protect this nation from natural disasters. Still, Katrina knocked us on our derrieres and NOW we want to fix the problem by rebuilding in the same stupid place the same stupid way. Hello!!!!!! Is anybody listening??? Here's what you can do to turn the direction of the flood away from your home.

  • First, you must vote those on the take out of office. VOTE OUT THE INCUMBENTS!!!
  • Next, you must demand honesty from politicians by doing the following.
  • Go on the Internet to your County website and look up the candidates and incumbents campaign financing.
  • Go on your City Hall and get copies of the campaign reporting sheets for your city council candidates and incumbents.
  • Go to a website such as www.opensecrets.org and look up your state and federal candidates and incumbents campaign funding.
  • Go to your City, County, State and Federal websites and look up the records of the incumbents to see how they actually voted.
  • Show your friends and family what you discovered.
  • Join them in demanding honesty and discipline from all the candidates and from your incumbents.
  • Boycott any group or organization that funded your candidate to do things you don't want them to. This will usually mean most developers.
  • Attend local council and county supervisor meetings and speak up.
  • Then, you must vote those on the take out of office. This will probably mean that you must VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS!!!
  • Once the good guys get into office, stay vigilante by continuing to participate in the above process.
  • Become a more responsible person. YOU are the best qualified to handle a theft, murder attempt, escape from a flood or disaster. Do your part. America is dissent. It is based on personal responsibility for your own actions. Act accordingly.

At this time, I'd like to present a line or two from Rousseau's Dog by David Edmonds and John Eidinow:

Rousseau said, "compared with the past, we were less free, less equal, less content, less sincere, more dependent, more alienated, more self-obsessed, more suspicious." It is impossible to exaggerate the seismic shock this caused at a time when thinkers had an axiomatic confidence in progress.

Most government is totally unnecessary for the well being of the people. Government should do a few things well rather than so many things badly. It is a necessary evil. Keep it small. You will be better off.

Unbelievably, government should no longer be involved in roads or schools, let alone the myriad of other activities it gets its greedy, greasy paws involved in. But this would be a huge leap of faith for the average American living in the current box, the American that is not as informed about government practices as I am. So for them, I ask this question?

"If you live in a system that takes money from people that don't want to give the money in the first place, why are you so surprised when the best thieves run the place?" A theft based system can never have a sound foundation, even as a democracy or republic. In the end, the thieves will take over and run the place. I ask, "Why would you ever let the fox guard the hen house?"

If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, don't make it easy for those that seek power for its own sake. Become more involved and vigilant. Prove that our founding fathers' lack of faith in us was misguided. We will not forsake the American Dream once held by those that risked everything to provide it for us. Today is the first day of the rest of your life—so why not become a better American today?

Volunteers are needed to Run Against Rocklin City Council and Placer County Supervisor Incumbents. Let's bring social and economic freedom back to Placer County!
Call (916) 435-9090 for more info.

Mike's views do not necessarily represent the views of the Placer County Libertarian Party Mike can be reached at mmurphy@americanliberty.org
Michael Patrick Murphy is the author of The Government, ISBN 0-595-30863-5