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Michael Patrick Murphy, Placer County LP Vice Chair, Candidate for the CA Assembly District 4
3rd of March, 2006 - Revised 7th of March, 2006

The debate between those for our staying in Iraq and those wishing to leave Iraq make it sound like we have only two choices. I learned a lesson a long time ago, when I became a Libertarian; there are always more than two choices. I remember when I wanted out of high school, the boys' vice principle said, "You can either stay in high school or go to juvenile hall." I found there was a third choice. I went out with his daughter.

Seriously though, who would have thought there would be an end to the draft, that 18 year olds would be voting and the 10,000 day 600 billion dollar war in Vietnam would ever be over. Yet it all came to pass, not to mention the dissolution of the Soviet Union on its own without a "hawk" recommended world war to do it. As for that "domino theory;" the countries didn't fall to communism one by one. Instead, our democracies absorbed communism into our own way of life somewhat voluntarily. Now, we are the largest redistribution of the wealth communist nation in world history.

Yes, there is always another way. Don't let yourself think for a moment that the Republicans and Democrats offer the only alternatives. They've been wrong more than they've been right. As a matter of fact, I can't even remember the last time they were right. As they spend America into the abyss of endless debt, let's look at the mess from outside the Red and Blue polarizations. Let's think outside the box of failure. Ask yourself, "What will work now?"

There is a solution to the U.S. involvement in the trillion dollar war in Iraq.

  • Let those that wish to come home, come home.
  • Let those that wish to stay, stay.
  • Fund those that wish to stay with private funds.

This is the best case for a badly planned and badly reasoned war whose support is slowly diminishing. There can be no peace with honor in this war anymore than there could have been one in Vietnam. Unfortunately, the proponents have mud on their faces caked deep with their own ignorance. They have had their way, and now America's own solvency is in doubt due to the expense of the war. In addition, our international trade and relationships are forfeit. The average American family owes the government over $500,000 and then another $90,000 of personal debt. Can we ask them for more money to fight a war that half of America now recognizes as a big mistake, one I warned CA Senator Dianne Feinstein and local CA Rep. John Doolittle against shortly after September 11, 2001?

With private funding and willing troops, we shall see whether the war mongers put their money where their mouths were. Don't blame it all on Bush. I remember American citizens' loud cry for the war. I know how many would rather steal my money to fund some kid to fight their war for them. I knew their excuse for not going personally was because they fought in WWII, Korea or Vietnam and were therefore somehow exempt from this war. I've heard it all, even from some misguided Libertarians who are a few short of a full deck.

Just last night, Congressman John Doolittle tried to distance himself from our Skull and Bones President by plying the "anti-UAI port control by automatic phone call" solicitation. Was that paid for with my taxes? Of course it was. Thank you, John. Gotta' love your war and your free spending ways with my money. Just met a couple last night who are so tired of you that they are moving to a small out of the way town in Texas that just reduced their property taxes. Shouldn't you be going to your own war or in the least funding the damn thing with your own money? No I don't mean the Auburn Dam, you free spending socialist!

As for the rest of you war mongers out there, I know you'd rather buy a Hummer or put in a swimming pool, but you and I know that's chicken poop when there's a war going on, especially when it's your war to begin with. Sorry that your party is in the doldrums, but hey, you didn't think your empire of debt was going to last forever? I know its sad that the ever-mind-changing" Democrats are going to grab your incumbents' seats, but let's face it, your "Grand Ol' Party" was dumb enough to worsen the last great depression under Hoover before handing it over to extremely free spending Democrat FDR, so why shouldn't you hand your seat to a Democrat this time, unless heaven forbid, you hand it to someone like a Libertarian that is truly fiscally responsible and more likely to strengthen America.

We Libertarians don't appreciate your calling our Placer County Congressional Candidate and trying to convince him that he'd be spoiling your race, John Doolittle. If you really gave a damn about America, you'd hand over the race to our boy, Dan Wallace so that we can become a proud fiscally responsible nation, something you Republicans have been lying about doing since Abraham Lincoln. At least then, America might stand a chance against the havoc you and your neo-conservatives have caused around your "New World Order." Perhaps you now figured it out. God is not a Republican after all, so quit supporting your Emperor Palpatine and hand your job over to a man with some decency and back bone. Meanwhile, why don't you pull your other "developer funded" minions out of their respective races too? Do what is good for Placer County, for once!

Volunteers are needed to Run Against Rocklin City Council and Placer County Supervisor Incumbents. Let's bring social and economic freedom back to Placer County!
Call (916) 435-9090 for more info.

Mike's views do not necessarily represent the views of the Placer County Libertarian Party Mike can be reached at mmurphy@americanliberty.org
Michael Patrick Murphy is the author of The Government, ISBN 0-595-30863-5