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Michael Patrick Murphy, Placer County LP Vice Chair, Candidate for the CA Assembly District 4
18th of December, 2005

It has been awhile since I've written about International things and a year since I published "The Government." Perhaps its time to weigh in on my own thoughts about a world war between China, the European Union and the United States. Those of you that may think I went too far in my doom and gloom, might want to consider getting with the program. Even the major media has been rumbling about friction between the European and American super powers and China. You would do well to remember the presumably Japanese held belief that business IS war.

Lest we forget that history does indeed repeat itself, one of the key reasons Japan went for territorial grabs during World War II was to circumvent the Allied stranglehold of its oil and other resources. Much earlier in history, we needed China to buy opium from us in order to fulfill the trade triangle we managed with Great Britain. When the Emperor saw his country almost literally going to "pot" with opium use at an all time high, he proclaimed that China would no longer accept our opium in trade for Chinese goods and the return of our own cash. The result was our infamous attack on China known today as the Opium Wars. China ended up forfeiting its major ports to the British Empire. Today, we find ourselves in a similar predicament where we have bought billions of tons of chinese goods, that once bought, turn worthless with each passing hour. Meanwhile they hold much of our cash, converting some into Euros. China, heeding the lessons of history, is determined not to get burned a second time by the United States and Great Britain. Hence it uses our cash to rearm itself and we need not wonder why. This, in turn, is giving the Japanese military an excuse to also rearm itself. If this doesn't all sound familiar, then maybe you had better stick your head back in the sand.

China Today...

China knows that military weakness is an open invitation to military invasion. They are keenly aware of the ferocious competition between themselves, Europe and the United States. All major economic powers are fighting for future resources on the African continent by seeking various treaties and controls. They all use ruthless methods in gaining footholds in foreign places, usually by corrupting corruptible leadership in third world countries. The intricacies of the game are confusing, not only to the uninformed public at large, but to the players themselves. What appears to be good, often turns out badly, while apparent disasters such as the September 11th attacks and the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean often have silver linings for those positioned appropriately. The U.S. actually competes to send disaster relief money to foreign governments, always in exchange for something, usually along the lines of fly-over rights, airbases or other political assurances. Money is lent trans nationally in the never ending chess game of deceit and manipulation with all countries living on the precipice of a world wide calamity like man has never known. One giant misstep and a whole region can be thrown into economic turmoil that can result in desperate measures. Many agree today that America's Great Depression had world wide consequences that fueled the fires that led to WWII.

In all Countries, the Public remains misfocused...

The United States considers itself the entertainment capital of the world. While this is perhaps still true, we find that folks everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon. Entertainment takes up our waking hours leaving little time to be vigilante about local, state, national and international affairs. Newspapers are dying off and desperately using the entertainment venue to save themselves. Television news is also becoming more of an entertainment presentation than reliable investigative reporting. Pretty chicks and handsome anchors are the focus of our attention while real journalists risk their lives to enlighten us only to find that their stories are killed or watered down. In countries where the public is not starving, folks focus on entertaining themselves, going deeply into debt and avoiding serious political dialogue. This is good news for those manipulating our money in the background.

Who's on first...

Not everyone is playing the role of sheep, lemming or ostrich. There are a few rich and powerful men that relish playing the game, and who put winning above all other actions. Some are focused on a "New World Order" where they are in charge and where everyone else plays by their rules. It pits the rich and powerful of the Old World against that of the New World with the Earth's oldest surviving culture holding its own against both newer worlds. In the planetary poker game, China is not about to fold. While no one shows their cards to "we the people," there is perhaps an even smaller cabal that moves the west and the east in an ever tightening dance to meet an even more insidious agenda of world conquest. They may appear to be loyal players within the three primary teams but might actually be moles for the cabal. As this game is played, the Middle East hosts the playing field. It is the key to Africa and the bounty that awaits those daring enough to conquer her.

On the other side, we have those of us that learn all that they can about the impending chess moves so that, somewhat akin to Paul Revere, they can alarm the sheep, lemmings and ostriches so that by some miraculous metamorphosis, they change into the minutemen of yesteryear, leaping to defend and regain their freedoms from what can only be described as a terrorizing infamous monopoly.

What Can You Do?

Being a sheep, lemming or ostrich is far from a Libertarian's principled nature. We tend to have no problem speaking out to an evading press or listening to what appears to be absurd at face value. We constantly educate our friends and family. This might be too little too late, but for us, it is better to have lived true to ourselves then to have given our souls over to evil empire builders. We are truly an international bunch, uncomfortable anywhere that freedoms are forsaken for tighter cells in statist prisons. We are "the proud and the few" that stand on our own two feet unlike those that are taught to obey unquestioningly misusing the same slogan.

However, our visions must have focus and lead to action. Most of us realize that it takes an overwhelming preponderance of the evidence to sway others that have sought to have their inner child nurtured by their governments and the major media.

As Libertarians, we must look towards local independent media sources and towards the confusing information on the Internet. We need to give it at least equal attention and then connect the dots. Knowing what we know about incumbent Republicans and Democrats, we should be ever vigilant about their cries for war, higher taxes, increased military spending and legislation like the Patriot Act. The government, while under the administration of these two parties, has been guilty of historic heinous acts and misdeeds. Still, because most Libertarians are not completely separated from the box they grew up in, they find themselves doubting each other rather than the proven evil of the Republicans and Democrats. One has to only see the examples of how the U.S. Government started the War with Mexico, the Spanish American War, the War with Cuba, the Vietnam War, the Chilean overthrow, the invasion of Panama and Grenada to understand that preemptive reasoning and less than honest tactics have been used to move peaceful American sentiment towards less than honest wars where America was rarely an innocent defender. Our government has always been complicit in these misadventures. To believe that the War in Iraq was a just cause would make the situation unique in our history.

There are of course, those that profit from war and who profit by the promotion of war. Libertarians need to follow the money. In doing so, the real motivations behind the cabal are more likely to be uncovered. It is my belief that the sole focus of the Skull and Bones Society at Yale is world control. Not being so bold as to believe it can be achieved within a single generation, they pass a brighter torch to each subsequent generation increasing their wealth and power, year to year. I believe the Bonesmen's loyalty to this end is far greater than any loyalty they may have to their fellow countrymen. Do they have competition? Are they an external part of an even smaller, more insidious cabal? These questions deserve answers, but Bonesmen such as both George Bushs and John Kerry have been less than candid about their own involvement in what might be one of the greatest criminal organizations of all time.

When folks like Dick Cheney, only a visitor to the Yale campus, warned that this war may not end in our lifetime, I hope he was referring to his own lifetime and not mine or that of today's children. Never the less, I think that the cabal, in what ever form it exists, relies upon war to scare the folks of the world into submission. Already, many folks see one world government as an answer to ending war. They are inadvertently playing right into the hands of the rich and powerful that wish to control everyone's lives and property. It reminds me of Chancellor Palpatine's infamous actions in Star Wars where the Senate seemed more than willing to give up the people's freedoms for Palpatine's promised security. It is important to these folks that bribable players exist in all governments and all levels of society. How can you control or bribe someone that has honorable principles? Perhaps from their viewpoint, its best that honorable folks never get elected to office. That makes for an easy explanation for why Libertarians are for all practical intent and purpose, not allowed to win major elections. They are incensed when Libertarian folks like Texas' Ron Paul sneak into Congress under a Republican disguise. Is that the only way a Libertarian can affect the system; by going incognito?

No government can stand against an unwilling populace. As the people go, so goes their government. As informed Libertarians, we need to hold the torch and lead the way, even if it means swaying folks to register Decline to State. It beats the masses funding and supporting Democrats and Republicans and inches them one notch closer to actually becoming an informed member of the "Party of Principle."

The strongest message we can send is to never, ever vote for a registered Republican or Democrat again. We must stand tall and look omnisciently from outside the fray. Vote for the best folks for the job and not for the lesser of two bo weevils. You lead and others will follow. I promise.

Forget about your past. Tomorrow is a new day. Get up and start managing your own life well. To heck with everyone else and what they are doing. That's their business. You can choose to stand tall, be honest and disciplined. If you don't, who will? The choice is yours, "Sheep, lemming, ostrich or American."

And the Answer is...

China is rearming with US dollars. The United States Government owes them billions of dollars. They have our cash. We buy their quickly deteriorating goods. They copy our goods in the face of international patent laws. Obviously this is a very tricky complex relationship that went into full gear when President Richard Nixon opened the door to China, a country that defeated us in the Korean War giving North Vietnam its fully protected independence from South Vietnam. Nobody in either Korea will ever forget the teaming Chinese masses that crossed Korea's border in the tens of thousands. Until recently, most of us have been taught to have warm and fuzzy "Panda bear" feelings towards our fellow porcupine, bristling with armaments and aggressive actions. Just the other day, we saw our statesmen claiming that China's "illegal" duplication of our products is an act of war. I suppose with so many businesses marrying Chinese counterparts as in the recent IBM Lenovo deal, we find ourselves sleeping with the enemy. Like two porcupines making love, we should do so very, very carefully.

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Mike's views do not necessarily represent the views of the Placer County Libertarian Party Mike can be reached at mmurphy@americanliberty.org
Michael Patrick Murphy is the author of The Government, ISBN 0-595-30863-5