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Are Americans Honest and Disciplined Enough for a Democracy?


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Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" voter)
9th of January, 2008

When a candidate runs as a Republican or Democrat, the candidate puts one foot in cement. He or she becomes beholden to their Party. When the candidate takes money from special interests via lobbyists or otherwise, he or she is then expected to perform as the money dictated. The candidate has then put their other foot in cement. Finally, when a candidate wears his religion on his sleeve to sell to religious folks, he or she ends up putting that which is between his or her legs into a third block of cement. This kind of a candidate can no longer fix what is broken in America. They can only stand in place and fill the job opening. They must kow tow and do as they are told. Not doing so becomes politically fatal.

Though a lot of folks understand this, they seem to forget around election time. Those that can't forget and don't forgive either drop out of the process or become registered Independents. In fact, registered Independents are the fastest growing group in America. Still, too many Americans don't know that they can register as an Independent. Here in California independent voters must register by checking the box for Decline to State (DTS). It is a Democratic/Republican scam to keep independents confused enough that they may stick to the dominant party registrations. Some folks register with the American Independent Party assuming that it is the same thing. It is not. It is a party with its own platform and is able to run candidates. Often, independents can ask for a party ballot when they vote in primaries if a particular party allows it. This is pretty easy to do. You, too, can join the growing throng of voters that are saying that enough's enough. If enough of us register that way, it bends the tone of elections. Both Democrats and Republicans have to pander to us.

The fact that Democrat and Republican politicians alike are catering more and more to DTS independent voters shows how large this force is now becoming. However, I don't trust them because they still have at least one foot in the cement. Representative Ron Paul, in his bid for the presidency, may have the smallest block of cement around his foot, but the forces of the Evil Empire are aligned against him for just that reason. He's not going along with the pre-coronation process the powers that be have so painstakingly set up.

Take FOX News. It wouldn't let Ron Paul into its debates and seemed almost gleeful regarding the "Comeback Kids," establishment Senators John McCain and Hillary Clinton! Jay Leno came to the rescue by pointing this out on the Jan 8th Tonight Show. Compare the tone of their articles. So much for "fair and un bias." I laughed heartily when FOX came up with that slogan. "Faux News" shows us every day and in every way that we certainly can't trust the media either. Yet the American sheeple continue to do exactly that! If you're one of those "sheeple," read up on Rupert Murdoch (and then change the channel).

The media was climbing all over Hillary for tearing up as the going got tougher for all those that might have wasted their millions on her campaign. I thought she'd be the "Howard Dean yell" of 2008. However, it appears that the establishment wants her and I almost couldn't find a word about her tears on Google the next day! Is China loving Google now part of the elite establishment that dominates American politics? Look at their campaign funding and you decide. According to Open Secrets.org, Google is the #1 contributor to Ron Paul's campaign. You'll find it interesting that the US Army and Navy are the next largest contributors - and Ron wants out of the war in Iraq immediately!!! The lesson is to Americans is to follow the money. A lot shows up there. By the way, the next largest contributor to Ron Paul's campaign is Microsoft, Darth Gate's company. However, when one looks up Microsoft's 2008 contributions, one finds that they gave four times as much money to Hillary Clinton (and 2008 ain 't over yet). Tired of being pummeled by the US government, Microsoft might be paying "Black Jack" insurance.

There are forces working behind the scenes to pick your next president and the major media is going to assist those forces. You are being "led," or should I say "misled," by some of the richest and most powerful men and women in the world. Most Americans, in their ignorance and apathy will forget that it was really up to us all along. Like co-dependents everywhere, we will have enabled those forces of evil. We will allow ourselves to approve the "big con" with our votes for those chosen by the establishment.

After the election, winning candidates will create so many laws and bureaucracies that they will have tied their shoe laces together. Try walking with your feet and middle mired in cement AND having your shoe laces tied together! No wonder congress in incompetent and suffering the lowest ratings in history. They speak against Bush daily while caving into most of his requests. Despite it all, Americans will dutifully go to the polls in "lock step" and elect yet another "R" or "D" to run the country with their minions.

Auburn Lockstep
This is an example of a lockstep at Auburn, CA prison.

I Promise to work with both Parties!

During debates, you hear candidates say that if you elect them they promise to work with both parties. This is the kind of statement designed to get independent and cross-over votes. No candidate says that they won't work with the other party. That would be campaign suicide. Furthermore, Barack Obama and John McCain love to talk about a deadly thing called "bipartisanship." It really means that if Republicans dip their hands into our right pockets for money and Democrats into our left pockets, in a "bipartisan" action, they will now have all their hands in both our pockets. What America really needs is "nonpartisanship." You won't hear McCain or Obama singing that tune! Unfortunately, if McCain or Obama were to become a ticket together, I think the average American would think it was the ultimate dream team and vote for them.

The Real Culprit

The real Darth Vader in this whole thing is "we the people." We are the ones responsible for letting the American dream die. We are the ones breaking all the rules. We are the ones that disregarded our Constitution to become more communist in our quest for government provided security. For us, the government is a giant mafia or protection racket. We have no choice but to pay the protection money while never getting the protection we paid for. For the most part, from the American Revolution on, we asked for most of the wars we became involved in and when other countries went to war with each other, we went right along with them. Was that protection? Government has taken over our lives. It owns us, or at least the external "us." Why do we let them tag us and bag us? We let them get away with it because we are "entertained." We are a nation of political dead beats and we get the "blowback" we deserve. Blowback is the CIA's term to describe what happens when an action has unintended consequences.

We keep reelecting the same folks over and over again, somehow expecting "change." Then, after we make our choices we get the inevitable "blowback" as things get worse. Then, like the good "R" or "D" fans that we are, we make all kinds of excuses when the debt increases or the war goes wrong. Perhaps Eve once said, "Honest Adam, I didn't know that THAT was the apple God was talking about, or perhaps she said that she thought it was an egg." I for one, am tired of the American people pretending they weren't on the planet the day George W. Bush got elected. Bush, debt, war; it's all our own fault. Few Americans bothered to discover his past or where his money came from prior to his being elected. They would've seen the Iraq writing on the wall even if there were no 911.

Sadly, the average American doesn't deserve a democracy because they are not responsible enough for one. The only reason that I agree that they should have it is that the alternative isn't any better. The problem is that Americans have let this democracy become as bad as some non-democracies. They don't seem to be able to handle the truth and prefer not to deal with reality. They would rather watch ABC manipulate the debates on TV and then believe people like George Stephanopoulos or Diane Sawyer as they pervert the process further, one for his own personal reasons and the other on behalf of her employer. At least that's how I see it.

Controlling Elections by Controlling the Debates

Most Americans don't know how or why the debates were stolen from the League of Women Voters after they let Ross Perot in the door. Now its Sawyer's ABC News and the Commission on Presidential Debates managed by non other than our good friends the Democrats and Republicans.

Guiding the American Voter towards Communism

In the debates, we listen to Senator John McCain addressing government incentives for health care, something that Hillary Clinton, his current opponent, is already quite famous for. This ought not be the business of government and is something most governments have done badly. It is something that is more possible for some governments, like Costa Rica's, that don't keep a standing military. It is amazing to me that someone who once resided in the Hanoi Hilton could opt for so much socialism, even if we get to invest our medical savings into the stock market making the companies we invest in ever so happy. That money will make them bigger and stronger and give their CEO a better paycheck. Yet we know very little about the company, especially if we invest through government created 401K mutual funds or IRAs.

How we are losing Ownership

In effect, we are investing in the very companies that control our government via their own lobbyists. In essence, since the government approved these vehicles of investment, we have been paying for our own totalitarian control. In the end, the reason we have so much government in our life is that we keep asking for it and then like sheep go along with it. We don't seem to want to manage our own lives anymore. We simply hand them over to Uncle Sam.

In fact, most folks out there that actually believe they still own something. They don't. You don't. You own nothing, nada, zilch! You don't own your land, your homes, your money, your things or even their your own body. The government, by law, owns it all now. It can do anything it wants with any of it. Ironically, every day people trade one thing they don't own for something someone else doesn't own. It's really a kind of insanity cult that has existed since the very first feudal castles where the peasants understood that they didn't own anything in the first place. Think about that next time you supply the labor to put in a new kitchen or bath on a home you don't own. Immediately, the government will raise your property tax on your home because you got a permit to improve it. That proves my point. They own your home. You must pay the government or lose the use of their property, improvements and all. Or maybe, the government will condemn it to build a new WalMart. Who knows exactly how the government will demonstrate its ownership, but I'll tell you one thing. None of the candidates running for President are going to do a darn thing about it.

Run for the Border!

I'll let you in on a secret. Almost all the presidential candidates will opt to secure the borders–and lock you in. Uncle Sam knows that someday, many of you will want to follow the great minds of our country and leave the good ol' USA while a dollar can still buy a good retirement south of the border. Ever wonder why our politicians have let the dollar slide to all time lows??? Costa Rica is much more expensive these days. Meanwhile, the average giant fence building mentality doesn't seem to be able to connect the dots that when you make it impossible for folks to get in the country, it will be at the same moment that you will have made it impossible for folks to get out. Already you must pay for a National ID called a Passport in order to come back into the United Socialist States of America (USSA) if you leave. Mit Romney says that he want's everyone to have a National ID (which the government will inevitably share with ID thieves). Rudy Giuliani wants to build the "big fence." Envision the movie "Escape from New York." Imagine the US as a giant prison, like the Soviet Union before it. A friend of mine says we should fence in Santa Catalina Island and make it a giant prison. As each year passes, the ultimate authoritarian government will become so firmly entrenched that at some point many will have to die trying to restore the country. Today, you are a slave to government for over half the year to pay taxes on what you will never own. That's right, Tax Freedom Day is now past July 1st, even though many sites differ on how they come up with it. Most major media neglect to cover our country's lack of reserves to cover its commitments, hurricanes, etc. Are you a happy slave? Perhaps ignorance is bliss. Is being the largest debtor nation on the planet cool for you? How long do you think you can go before you can no longer pay the $500, 000 the average American family of four owes to the US Government? Perhaps you think it will go away while you're watching "Desperate Housewives"?

..Or Pretend the Problems don't Exist?

Sure, we deny responsibility for America's dilemmas. After all, we are Pyramid building Egyptians living on that great river, d' Nile! Because of our lack of discipline and honesty, we actually have the government we deserve; a developer owned communist one. Those of us over 18 deserve crime, war and debt. We earned it. We failed our country. As the song "God Bless America" goes, we never did "stand beside her and guide her."

Instead, too many Americans have allowed themselves to become ignorant, uninformed, gullible, apathetic, irresponsible and superstitious. Collectively, we have set ourselves up for failure. There are those that think they are more patriotic then the rest of us that love to remind us, "Things could always be worse." That is basically saying that because things could be worse we should be satisfied and quit complaining. For them, because they are not trying to guide America, things will be worse, especially for their children. These so-called sunshine patriots will determine their childrens' education or lack thereof. They will pass on their ignorance, and worse, their desire to remain ignorant. It is perhaps the greatest, most all encompassing, social disease.

Is the End Just Around the Corner?

The question of the possibility of a weapon of mass destruction being released in the United States was brought up during the debates and nobody seemed to remember Abraham Lincoln's famous address, "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." Instead, America continues to meddle in the internal affairs of foreign governments thinking that our end will come from outside our borders.When, not if, a weapon of mass destruction is ignited in the United States, we may have earned that too. For example, we trained the Afghans how to make toy bombs and how to use terrorist techniques to beat the Soviets. Is it true that what comes around often goes around? Now they are coming after us as we have become the "insurgents" in their homelands.

Ron Paul also brought up the National ID which to some of us means the implantation of a microchip. Some Americans are looking forward to being tagged like a dear, at least for their kids and old folks. I don't want to be tagged. I think the expression is "tag 'em and bag 'em." What do you think "bag 'em" means? If we keep this up, we'll be just about ready to line up for the concentration camps. History will have repeated itself again.

Mit Romney says his constituents think Washington is broken. Forget it Mit, it is your constituents that are broken. They enabled the mess in Washington and it will be up to them to get us out of this mess.

All the candidates talked about change and paid their respects to the Constitution and, of course, to God. What good is security, as McCain calls it, if we are no longer America? If we are all slaves, albeit well entertained slaves, what good is security? Ben Franklin once warned us, "They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security."

Only Ron Paul seemed to have answers that would lead us towards both economic and social freedom and independence. Still, he's a Republican and therefore has one foot in the cement, but, on the other hand, better that he drags only one than all three cement blocks like most of his adversaries. Even if Representative Paul were to get elected, it would take the people to make it work.

I've probably angered a few readers that somehow consider themselves more informed than I. Others might ask, "Michael, what do you suggest?" Therefore, I will offer some solutions. I'm not going to leave the reader without a plan ...without hope. There is a light at the end of the 90,000 mile tunnel we've built.

So what can you do between TV shows to make America a better place? It all starts with truly loving your country. You must stand beside her and guide her.

Stand Beside Her and Guide Her

  1. Don't give in by registering with corrupt political parties. If you haven't figured this out yet, then hop on the Internet and start reading and if you can't read, by all means, don't vote.(I can imagine some parents telling their kids why they have to vote for the lesser of two evils rather than for the best person for the job.)
  2. Demand candidates that don't take the money. No excuses! Don't vote for candidates that take money from folks outside their district, from corporations and businesses, or from special interests of any kind.
  3. Demand candidates that will actually represent you and not those that represent foreign interest, lobbyists and other riff raff.
  4. Shrink the Federal Government to a manageable size where it does a few things well rather than so many things badly.
  5. Quit believing major media's organized, promoted and mismanaged debates. Look at the sponsors. Facebook??? Now really. ABC should be ashamed. How low could it stoop.
  6. Most importantly, quit being an "ugly American." We are a declining Empire. We have far more to fear from Europe and China than the Muslims. Quit expecting others to be like us. Set an example instead. Do the right things here in America first. If you're mad at the Middle East, then quit buying their products. What's their main product? Oh yeah! Oil. I know, you're weak and can't help yourself and you really don't know where the gas in your tank came from. I see you in your gas guzzler. I understand that you need to fill the tank so you can go work for the same corporate America that is buying your government out from under you. Do the right thing. Learn to STAND TALL.
  7. Become more informed. Who sits on your city council? ...on your board of supervisors? If you don't know, then don't vote. You're too ignorant. Stay home.
  8. Know where the candidates' money comes from and what did after they were in office? If you don't know, then don't vote. You're too irresponsible. Again, stay home. Let me vote for you.
  9. Don't abandon the Constitution FOR ANY REASON, not even for George W. Bush, because once you do, there is no America and Osama will have won his war.

I hope that some of you keep this all in mind as you digest the debate circus. Be vigilant for media condemnation of candidates and of those that manage the questions. Things look pretty bad at this point and one might ask why I bother writing this? The answer is because I will also get what the average American deserves and I don't really want that. Sure, I blasted many of the few and the proud that actually do bother to vote. I might have made you angry or caused you to tune out, but at least I was honest with you. I didn't flower it up. I didn't give you excuses to show your kids why its okay to be a political dead beat. Instead, I am offering a way out–a chance to not be a sheep, lemming or ostrich.

In the left pane of this page, I've listed the sources for you to get critical answers. It won't take you more than a few hours to become 100% better informed and to help you vote more responsibly and get a 100% better country than we are living in today. I leave you standing beside her. The rest is up to you.

Michael Patrick Murphy is the author of two books. The Greens ISBN 13: 9780595133055 and The Government, ISBN 0-595-30863-5. Both are available online or from your favorite bookstores by special order. Mike also ran for the California State Assembly in 2006.

Mike can be reached at mmurphy@americanliberty.org