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A Review of the Starstream Cable debate between Charlie Brown & John Doolittle - This year's "October Surprise."


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Michael Patrick Murphy, Placer County LP Vice Chair, Candidate for the CA Assembly District 4
12th of October, 2006.

From beginning to end, Congressional District 4 Americans were treated to one of the great travesties of our democratic system by the notorious Starstream Cable, Rocklin Chamber of Commerce, John Doolittle and Charlie Brown. All of the former preferred to hide the truth from Americans. This is not only a consistent trait of the Neo Conservatives, but a consistent theme of the Chamber, Starstream, KCRA (ABC) Channel 10 and other organizations that promote "neo conservatism" no matter how evil or unethical the candidate is. Notice Doolittle's record isn't even posted on his website???

Last night, you would never know it, but there are three candidates running for Congress in the 4th District. Only one uses in semblance of common sense and Starstream didn't even invite him. As usual, politics and common sense, are like oil and water. They just don't seem to mix. As Vice Chair - Chair Pro-Tem for the Libertarian Party in Placer County, I called Starstream to ask why and their PR director said they would concede to allow the Libertarian Candidate, Dan Warren who was available for the debate, to instead have his own hour next week at 7 p.m. Dan has accepted and it is just barely possible that Starstream is starting a new leaf. This is a lot better than nothing. Unfortunately, Brehm Communications and the Sacramento Bee will both probably boycott the kind of promotion that the Brown/Doolittle debate was given.

Starstream needs to become the public service company that it is supposed to be when it holds the sole franchise for cable in so many regions. Of course, it's Doolittle's minions that decided who got the Cable contract in the first place and you might say it's a rigged "neo-conservative" deal from end to end. It's also one reason that I no longer subscribe to Starstream. If Starstream changes, I might one day change my mind. After all, politically speaking, AT&T, my current provider, isn't any better. I went to someone else's house to watch the debate, just like I read used copies of the Bee lying around in the coffee shop. I quite literally don't want to give either company a "red communist cent." at this time. But become more open minded and I might consider getting Starstream Internet and Cable someday.

Still, despite the missing candidate, I found myself well entertained. From Doolittle's attempt to connect Charlie Brown to the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) through Charlie's support of the ACLU, to Charley's more polite and truthful statement about Prince John's connection to Abramoff and other scandals such as Doolittle's wife's acceptance of campaign money for personal use in a manner that flaunts the law's intent. You might say most of the debate centered around "Guilt by Association." If that's the case, I'd say that John Doolittle lost the debate and Charlie Brown won by a landslide. However, had Dan Warren been there, they would have both had some explaining to do about where they planned to come up with the money to pay for all their communist tendencies.

"You Dance with the Devil Long Enough.."

Representative (Prince John) Doolittle lacked much of a tan for being a California Representative this close to summer. That may be do to spending so much time in Washington rather than talking to his constituents. Perhaps he also relied too much on his network of council members and County Supervisors who are finding themselves with their feet in their mouths having supported J.T. regardless of the merits and integrity of the issue. If J.T. says to jump, Placer County politicians tend to say, "How High?" That seems to include supporting the many cover ups of John's improprieties.

Now that John is in obvious trouble, we find him avoiding debates in the hope his money will sail him through these troubled waters. Like his protege, Placer County Supervisor Ted Gaines, my missing opponent, he may find that massive injections of cash may not be enough this time. 9/10ths of winning is showing up.

As an Assembly candidate, I find my own contest to be more between myself and Rob Haswell. Gaines, hasn't shown up for any of the forums since he won his primary. I'm not even sure he's alive anymore. I know there's a lot of neo-Conservative cash out there, but were those folks to realize that Ted and John are actually Christian Socialists (communists who believe in God), I think all future cash might dry up. (Look up his record on the slanted Placer County meeting minutes.The author(s) do such a poor job, you can sense he or she works at the pleasure of Placer County's communist Supervisors) Me, I'd also get rid of the whole PC board of supervisors, Rocklin, Roseville and Lincoln City Councils before they drive all their respective communities bankrupt. Right now it costs the average American family $10,000 just to live in Placer County. Add two kids in school and it costs over $30,000 per year. Some families pay more. And how about Lincoln's Mello Roos at $300 plus per month for 40 years??? Sadly, Auburn, Loomis and Foresthill's governance is now falling to the developers that already own the Board of Supervisors while homeowners wrestle with damaged streets, over burdened infrastructure and massive influxes of every kind of socialism. These are the real results of Prince John's leadership and control over this District.

John Doolittle tried to, more or less, infer that Charlie Brown is in favor of sleeping with boys"

I always warn my political students that as Republican registrations decline, Doolittle and his crowd will act more like trapped sharks. Desperate to offset his own ethical dilemmas, John tried to more or less infer that Charlie was in favor of sleeping with boys. That was the dirtiest moment in the debate and shows Charlie, that by not having all candidates present, "what comes around goes around." This district doesn't know it, but it can ill afford Doolittle or Brown. The average American owes over $500,000 to the Federal Government and with those candidates in office, their debt will grow further. God save the kids! Only Dan Warren would have addressed the debt and the crushing burden of a war gone wild.

John T. Doolittle basically said, that because Charlie is a member of the ACLU (an organization that I personally strongly support and who's symbol is also the Statue of Liberty) and because the ACLU supported NAMBLA, Charlie must support men having sex with boys. That was a much further "Guilt by Association" stretch than John Doolittle's connection with his own wife. Fortunately, though I, Charlie Brown, and most other Americans have no interest in NAMBLA, the ACLU correctly defended the Constitution in the NAMBLA case where it sued the government for obstructing all of our collective freedom of speech. Contrary to Doolittle's inference, the ACLU does not condone men having sex with boys. This is consistent with the ACLU's constant vigilance to protect the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, an amendment that not only protects our freedom of speech, but also cooincidentally protects John Doolittle's freedom of Religion. (Remember, John feels that God created the United States, as he said to his base at William Jessup University on Constitution Day) I say, and the ACLU says, that that is John's right. People are angry enough at these new political Christians that Doolittle might thank his God that there is an ACLU there the day his own Republican Christian beliefs come under attack. Remember, it was the ACLU that came to Limbaugh's aid when he too got into trouble with the law despite Limbaugh's constantly incorrect and inflamatory prior criticism of the ACLU.

John Doolittle tried unsuccessfully to infer that Charlie Brown is a Peacenik

As the Forum wore on, it became more and more obvious to non-demopublican aligned viewers that Doolittle was sweating, babbling on, repeating himself, and striking out like the cornered snake that he is.

Brown, a decorated veteran with experience in both Vietnam and the Middle East stayed relatively on point, cool calm and collected, something that might not have happened were Dan Warren invited to point at both candidates purely communist tendancies to control both the personal and economic lives of all Americans.

You see, Doolittle just happened to go on his Morman Mission while the rest of the country was dealing with Vietnam. Meanwhile, Charlie Brown just happened to fight alongside other Mormans in Vietnam. Because Doolittle chose not to debate Dan Warren, and because he also evaded the draft while in theory, supporting the war itself, he is a coward in more ways than one. I say this because rather than being a conscientious objector to the War in Vietnam, he simply didn't show up for the war he says he supported. That has chicken written all over it no matter how you split the deck. Charlie went. Later, Charlie served in Iraq, too. This is typical rhetoric for stay at home Republican war mongers who steal our money to send someone else's child to fight their wars for them while they blow money on SUVs and remodled kitchens. When Doolittle says that we kept America safe by keeping the war somewhere else, it genuinely reflects his own lack of commitment to wars he starts and sends others to fight. So what if over 40,000 Iraqi's, 1/4 to 1/3 of the number Saddam is said to have killed, are now dead thanks to the President's unethical and internationally illegal so-called preemptive strike on Iraq.

Doolittle is fast becoming a Hitlarian Fascist in his struggle to stay in office. He justifies it all as "God's calling." Heck, he'd send more troops to live and die in Iraq along with thousands of innocent men, women and children. Picture Jesus doing that! If he thinks God called him to kill, I think he needs serious medical care for his hearing. I've been following John through his recent struggles with the Devil and I think he's confusing the two voices in his head. I think more than a few of his "base" are thinking the same thing as only about 50 supporters turned out for his Constitution Day speech at William Jessup this year. Last year, John Ashcroft drew hundreds despite his own fall from Republican grace. Then again, I was one of the fifty there and I'm not a supporter.

John has helped to damage his own party beyond repair.

My advice is to never vote for another Republican or Democrat as long as you live. That's just good sense which is much, much better than common sense. Supporting those parties is like joining the Man-Love group or worse. More death, genocide and evil have been perpetrated by those two parties than NAMBLA ever dreamed of. Ask any Philippino or American Indian. The new conservatives have made a horrible bed to lay down in and their promotion of the abortion issue is not going to save the party from this downward spiral. More and more ex-Republicans have registered as "Decline to State" voters, Greens and Libertarians while the Republican Party crumbles. The Democrats are fighting their own constituents also leaving for "Decline to State" status, but Prince John, in his unwavering support of G.W. Bush, has caused an even greater recession for the Republicans. Most Americans are not aware of many of the truths about Republican Party history, but lets suffice it to say that it has been a third party three times in U.S. History. Even Theodore Roosevelt, the popular "Butcher of the Philippine People," got fed up with the Republicans and left to form his own "Bull Moose" Party. America has to quit the insanity, reregister and quit supporting the corruption and evil. If you are truly conservative, you're not a Republican and definitely not a Democrat which leads to my next point. Who needs Democrats in District 4 while Republicans are communists.

Most Americans have become Communists, even in District 4

Most Americans and District 4 voters have given into communism. That's why, while at its peak, the whole plank of the Communist Party in America has become law. Both Republicans and Democrats have been responsible for extensive redistribution of wealth programs, personal and corporate welfare, wage price controls and over extended military budgets wrought with failed escapades of intervention into the internal affairs of foreign governments. Doolittle has continued this great Soviet tradition and I have no doubt that Charlie Brown will also continue it. Perhaps the Soviet Union didn't die; it just moved over here. Sadly, thanks to Starstream, the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce, Doolittle and Brown, we didn't hear from the only real American, Dan Warren, who "stands tall" against the Demopublican communist insurgency in American politics.

Be sure to see Dan Warren next Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. on the Starstream Channel. I sincerely thank Starstream for responding to my cry of "foul."

Volunteers are needed to Run Against Rocklin City Council and Placer County Supervisor Incumbents. Let's bring social and economic freedom back to Placer County!
Call (916) 435-9090 for more info.

Mike's views do not necessarily represent the views of the Placer County Libertarian Party Mike can be reached at mmurphy@americanliberty.org
Michael Patrick Murphy is the author of The Government, ISBN 0-595-30863-5 He is also running for the State Assembly in District 4. His campaign site is www.murphyforassembly.com