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Politicians and Pundits are not being clear when they overuse the word CLEARLY. Remember what it really means when their lips are moving.


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Now go do the right thing and stop voting for the lesser of two evils. Voting for the same thing over and over again expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Are you insane?

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Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter)
25th of September, 2008, UPDATED 16th of October, 2008

clearly |?kli(?)rl?|
in such a way as to allow easy and accurate perception or interpretation : the ability to write clearly | [as submodifier ] on white paper, the seeds are clearly visible.
• [ sentence adverb ] without doubt; obviously : clearly, there have been disasters and reversals here.

Your President (or somebody's President) spoke last week. While his lips were moving, it was clearly evidence of how he continues to lie and decieve the American people, not that Congress and the Media haven't joined him in the Great American Fish Story.

Yesterday it was Secretary Paulsen, who's use of the 2008 "fad word of the year"clearly, demonstrated how easily we all fall prey to the rules of the box we live in. He too, called for an increase in government intervention in the market place. Amazingly, that word clearly surpasses the use of the next fad word of the year, bail-out.

bail·out (blout)
A rescue from financial difficulties: corporate bailouts.

The word bail-out stems from the idea that when your boat is sinking, you bail out the water. However, unless the leak is fixed or land is in sight, your boat will still sink.

How Congress and the burning Bush can imagine that Detroit at $36 an hour per worker, can beat China at 40 cents an hour is beyond me and just about anybody else who is using their brain. Still, the media, who's advertising dollars convey their sponsors' version of the news to us, is more than willing to help the government sell this particular fish story to the American people who were already dumb enough to elect yet another tax and spend Democrat to the white-house. Don't get me wrong, it wouldn't have made any difference if they elected a tax and spend Republican like McCain. Either way, the American people signaled to their government that they were satisfied enough with the Republican and Democratic parties that single handedly put America into this current financial bind. Therefore, it is the fault of the American people who would rather blame home buyers, lenders and China for their woes.

Even in America's darkest hour, critical thinking has passed us by and we are doomed to an inflationary depression far greater than the Great Depression of the '30s. That one was also caused by the Federal Government that medled in the market place and that encouraged Americans to invest in people and companies they knew nothing about.

The Solution

The Golden Rule:

"When you want to get out of a hole, don't dig it deeper."

The current bailouts have increased American debt for a family of four to way over the $500, 000 they owed just two years ago that didn't show on their credit reports. Now, it's way over that. Just to give you an idea of how much money that is, that same family of four held only about $80,000 in personal debt. I would venture to say that the current bailout schemes will double that federal amount to around $1,000,000. Imagine! Most of us are negative millionaires.

You could end the minimum wage and make ourselves more competitive with China and watch everyone default on their personal debts. You could trade in your dollars for "new" dollars at a rate of 100 old to 1 new. You could stop buying foreign goods that you can't afford and start buying American goods that you really can't afford. You could have the U.S. government declare bankruptcy which technically would mean that all U.S. assets would be forfeit to our foreign creditors. (Thank God that we have too many nuclear weapons to allow that.)

Seriously though, you need to fire Congress and impeach Obama before January 1, 2009. (He and McCain cheated in the election by not allowing third parties to participate in the debates, so I think we can easily justify a conspiracy against the American people and perhaps one against the people of the planet, but I don't even want to go there.) At the same time we boycott the media and all their advertisers until a less manipulated media appears AND we ignore all Republicans and Democrats by not voting for their candidates and by not registering in their parties. They are far too corrupt and I'd rather take a chance that an independent candidate will be less corrupt, at least for a long enough period to get government to stop medling in the market place.

If you think I'm naive, consider that I've been outspoken about all this for a long, long time as a political activist and writer while you've been watching TV and hopefully working at your day job. I'm speaking truth to power and that power is you. You are responsible for our government and therefore you are responsible for this mess. Now its up to you to get us out of it.

Stop investing in companies and people you know nothing about. Support your local businesses, the people you know. Put what fiat currency you have left into more solid (or should I say SOLID) investments. Learn how to trade. Trade your goods and services for other services. Learn how NOT to measure things in terms of an inflationary dollar. There really isn't any currency thats backed by anything, so why bother trading in them. Force the government to allow this all to happen without hinderance or penalty. Get rid of the

Stop the government bailouts and borrowing and their printing money. Get rid of Woodrow Wilson's Federal Reserve system.

Start a "Victory Garden." Learn how to use a gun safely—probably a sawed off or short shotgun should be considered to address the rising crime rate and lessing of government services like police and fire.

Start listening to those that have lived through the chaos of governmental collapse. Get a Ukrainian, Cambodian or Vietnamese friend.

Learn which cactus is safe to eat.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Public, do you think I'm the crazy one? Look at you. You're the one that kept empowering the same parties year after year somehow crazy enough to expect different results. You're the one that invested in the stock market casino not knowing what the hell you were doing.

Now who's the crazy one. At least I tried to warn you, but like Rush Limbaugh, who's hearing was taken away by God because he wasn't listening anyway, you too haven't been "smelling the coffee."

The collapse I warned you about is here. It's time think more critically, quit using the word "clearly" and to sober up and become more honest and responsible. In the long run, that's always the best tactic.

I'm open. Write me if you feel differently: mmurphy@americanliberty.org