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State Bills introduced by Ted Gaines since he arrived in the Assembly.

1. AB 1227 - Gaines
* Transportation funding: cities and counties. Ted's asking to apply voter approved transportation money through the sale of bonds that will encumber future generations to areas affected by tourism and snow removal so that they get their due attention.
2. AB 254 - Gaines
* Vehicles: total loss salvage vehicles. Ted's an insurance guy. As an owner, I believe he still profits from Point West Insurance. Still there doesn't appear to be much to the technical change in the wording of the old Vehicle code.
3. AB 1196 - Gaines
* Flame throwing devices. A minor law that allows folks under fire department employment to not carry a permit.
4. AB 424 - Gaines
* Wetlands mitigation banking: notice. This is actually a good idea. Notice would be required to be given to affected counties and cities before a wetlands mitigation bank is approved. This obviously helps Ted's Developer friends that gave so profusely to his campaign by putting a road block in the way of wetland preservation. You see, most Placer County and City officials receive contributions from the same "gang." Still, it is only reasonable that the Feds and State notify these entities so that they can debate the formation of such banks.
5. AB 1301 - Gaines
* Financial institutions: deposits. It looks like this is deregulation of where a company can move money between companies that it owns by taking away some governmental authority.
6. AB 248 - Gaines
* Vehicles: violations: punishment. Gives judges the ability to punish reckless drivers and folks that race on public streets as felons.
7. AB 678 - Gaines
* Crimes: fleeing the scene of an accident. Adds 5 years in jail.
8. AB 542 - Gaines
* State Historical Building Safety Board: membership is expanded to include a representative from building owners and managers.
9. AB 1072 - Gaines
* Health care coverage: California Health Insurance - Keeps the government from limiting health care choices.
10. ACA 3 - Gaines
* Expenditure limits.This is a bill that will have to be approved by voters that changes the state constitution and affects Education.

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Michael Patrick Murphy, 2006 Libertarian Candidate for the CA Assembly District 4
1st of May, 2007

The world needs heroes and I'd like to model myself after some of them. A hero does not stain himself with Republican or Democratic affiliation where those parties are run by registered lobbyists working for whoever spends the most on their campaigns. A hero paves the way by making it more possible for third parties and points of view from outside the Demopublican box. When the Demopublicans threw the Libertarian and Green party candidates in jail for trying to enter the Presidential debates, I know our democracy was over and the people need a hero to lead them through the dark future of an ethically "stained" America.

Paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

Someone has to clear the way for Americanism. If Americans stay disengaged, apathetic and politically lazy, our government will become more and more like a Hitlarian state. Even if the Greens or Libertarians were to have successful candidates in major races, they might become thwarted by the same corruption that is collapsing the Democrats and Republicans death grip on the planet. The key is an informed and engaged electorate. We have a long ways to go, but I am willing to take the first step and lead the way to peace and prosperity in Placer County.

Becoming Engaged

My whole campaign for the State Assembly was based on honesty and integrity. I was setting up a higher standard where "You the people" would be represented for the first time in Placer County history. I refused to "take the money." Unlike my competition, I would not take any money from developers, businesses, lobbies, PAC's, special interests or unions. I would only take money from residents that lived in the district. Even then, I would accept no more than $150 from a resident. Unlike my competitors and the current Assemblyman, I would be beholden only to the residents of my district. I ran with under $4,500 against Ted's $800, 000 war chest. Still my votes cost me less and I had twice as many as the Libertarian Party had registrations. Ted's votes were half as many as he had Republican registrations. Mr rate of return was better, but the winner takes all and Ted won. Meanwhile, I am $4,000 in debt. Unless the residents pay off that debt, I plan to not run again.Why should I lead when my district is too lazy, apathetic and disengaged to follow? They must decide to know the candidates, follow their money and see what incumbents have been up to. Otherwise, what's the point? I refuse to reward laziness and ignorance, the two traits my opponent pandered to. He didn't show up for even one debate after his primary. He didn't have to because he knew so few people would show up that it was more important to stick yard signs all over the District. He knew that the voters would be dumb enough to vote straight ticket Republican without knowing anything about the candidate and without knowing that he is actually a socialist despite his Republican registration. After all, when the county has the highest percentage of Republicans in California, even if you're a communist, you know that to win, you must register as a Republican. One has only to go to the County records where he was a supervisor to understand this. He voted to use our taxes to pay for an Easter egg hunt in Granite Bay as though those folks couldn't afford to pay for their own easter egg hunt. Perhaps it bought a few Granite Bay votes???

Wake up Placer County. Look at your crumbling roads. Neither the County, nor most cities can afford to fix them. Why? Because they spent your taxes to buy your votes and on pretty and fun. Now, its all falling apart and the only satisfaction I can get is that I told you so. Are you going to wait for a Katrina or 911 before you take action?

Being Decline to State for me means taking action to lay the foundation for a more informed and engaged electorate that prevents evil things from happening. This will help keep future parties in power from becoming like the last two parties. As the people go, so will go their community, their state and their nation. Irresponsible Americans will get what they deserve. A responsible America is possible and it all starts with one man and one woman. We are America and the government reflects who we are. In order to change it, we must first be informed, then vocal, and lastly we must demand results and become vigilante, watching that our representatives are doing what we asked them to do. Star with your local community and I promise that within no time at all, you'll have a thousand percent better local government. Until then, what difference is it what party you are in if you can't trust the representative anyway. Even campaign reform will do no good until the candidates reform themselves because corruption always finds its way around laws, especially when nobody is watching or cares enough to vote and learn about the issues from something other than CNN or Fox News.


Volunteers are needed to Run Against Rocklin City Council and Placer County Supervisor Incumbents. Let's bring social and economic freedom back to Placer County!
Call (916) 435-9090 for more info.

Mike's views do not necessarily represent the views of the Placer County Libertarian Party Mike can be reached at mmurphy@americanliberty.org
Michael Patrick Murphy is the author of The Government, ISBN 0-595-30863-5 He also ran for the State Assembly in District 4 in 2006.