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Michael Patrick Murphy, Placer County LP Vice Chair, Candidate for the CA Assembly District 4
17th of March, 2006

If you are inclined to agree with me, you believe that taxation is the equivalent of theft. Money is taken without permission. Those that give permission are more like happy slaves in the Old South that forced the other slaves to comply. Most people, worldwide, Republicans included, believe that some taxation is okay and necessary for the proper functioning of government. These folks represent the majority. Born into the box, they are the lemmings, sheep and ostriches of our planet. In this country, many believe that when they vote Republican or Democrat, and their guy, or gal, or somewhere "inbetweener" wins, that they are all of the sudden happily represented. They cheer like fans at a Kings game! Their convention floors become a deafening cacophony of celebration.

Then horrors! They become disappointed. Their champion runs off the track (a track they were never really on in the first place). The unwitting communists, one and all, grumble and complain. The enemy team chastises and chants, "I told you so!"

Soulless lobbyists know that in the Federal elections, they must bribe two sets of sheep and lemming champions. At the state level, they hope to only have to bribe one candidate, but still, they usually have to throw some crumbs to the second champion there too. Fortunately, they usually, but not always, only have to bribe one champion at the county and city levels. Costs can be kept down in those races.

The lobbyists wear no rose colored glasses. They know full well who controls the game. "Let the sheep believe in champions! Make them believe it! Keep the Federal races close lest a third party becomes a serious player. If the race is close, we can call the third parties "spoilers." In my own race for the CA Assembly, I had coffee with the Green Party candidate and told him he'd better stay in the race. That way, with both of us running, there would be no spoilers, a fact that won't be advertised by either the Republicans or Democrats in their attempts to ignore us publicly while calling our candidates on the phone trying to talk us out of running. After all, says Doolittle's minion to our candidate for Congress, "You don't want a Democrat to win, do you?"

Keep the two parties polarized but equal. After all, the last thing those lobbyists and special interests want to do is have to bribe a third party. That's expensive! If they have to, they'll have third party champions thrown in jail sooner than letting them into the national forum of debate or television. (This actually happened when our presidential candidate, Michael Badnarik, and the Green candidate, David Cobb, tried to enter the Presidential debates.) Do Republicans or Democrats care? Of course not, they enjoy their status as a clear majority of sheep, lemmings and especially ostriches. "Got to go and vote for the lesser of two evils. Got to go and vote for evil!"

And on the 8th day, God said, "Let their be inflation!" Thus the Christians run to the lions, investing in their securities so that they can gamble on beating the plague of inflation. Little do the lemmings realize that it was the lions that demanded inflation in the first place so that the sheep might run to the slaughter. And war? War is good for lions. "Let us unleash the dogs of war. Let us sell more guns, more bombs, more planes, more ships and more satellites." After all, it is our number one export industry. Let us sell to Iraq and then let us sell to Iran. Then let us sell to ourselves so that we can beat both of them. First we will smash their armies. We will build new armies to replace their old ones. Then, we can replace their hardware and make even greater profits. And because it is a war, undeclared or otherwise, the lemmings will cheer! Patriotism is our friend in this macabre dance. The harder the enemy fights back, all the better! More guns, more bombs, more planes, more ships and more satellites. "Let the government borrow from other countries to pay for our hardware and infrastructure repair businesses. Let the hurricanes come! We will rebuild it–for a fee!"

Who gets the last laugh?

34,000 plus dead in Iraq and another 10,000 dead in Afghanistan; a fair trade for the 2,948 dead from 911 and 3,500 plus dead in our War on Terror. As we weigh in on who the real terrorists are, we ride to the brink of an Iraqi civil war, deciding which faction will be on our side and which one won't. More guns, more bombs, more planes, more ships, more planes.

At home, the often arrogant Republican "base" still cheers! Through the din, they know not that they are also taxed without representation. "How much?" you ask. "About $500,000 per American family." Republican decisions now mean that they owe ten percent or more of that debt to China. Imagine, Republicans are beholden to China! So much for Nixon's opening the door to Pandora's box. Republicans are selling America to the Chinese. That would be funny and we Libertarians could have the last laugh. But it's not really funny and we Libertarians are not laughing.

No matter how proven our principles have become, few have their eyes wide open. In the end, we too have been sold out. Republicans did it to us with the help of the Democrats. We have always know that we are taxed without representation by both Parties' incumbents. The money was stolen from us to fulfill their cravings–cravings paid for on the endless installment plan. As a result, our world is now filled with corruption, debt and war. We have only to thank the Republicans and Democrats that put those ferrets in office. It is their just deserve, not ours. We warned them. We worked to educate them. But their world is truly flat as they recommend our reading the book by the same name.

Americans are not made of the right stuff. Perhaps we never were. Are we too weak minded, easily led and too fat to get off the couch and do anything meaningful? Did we really end up no better off than our European counterparts from whence our country was formed.

Will they grasp at the beacons of light that Liberty shows them? Will we simply give up and give in or leave our teaming shores? Or will we fight back and lead by example. Will we run clean, transparent campaigns and expose the truth by setting an example? Will we come to know our local politicians and their records no matter how hard they try to hide them? Will we speak at our local city council and county supervisor meetings to defend what's left of local America? Will we wash ourselves and come out of the showers revitalized and more able to slay dragons?

Rally 'round you Libertarians! You did not survive the ignorance and laughter this long just to hide in your closets. Whether we ever achieve the utopias we seek is irrelevant. It is the reverence of battle and the camaraderie of we soldiers of freedom that means everything. It is the journey we embarked upon that binds us! We walk the harder path of Copernicus and Columbus and Washington. Let's not stray. We must never settle into becoming history's "also rans." We go to our graves alone and do our own accounting in the end. It matters not what Republicans say about us as they mislead themselves. It only matters, in the end, what you say about yourself. There are more important things to be said on that final day than that you simply survived. After all, in the end, you won't. 'Tis Freedom that beckons. Can you hear the bell toll?

Volunteers are needed to Run Against Rocklin City Council and Placer County Supervisor Incumbents. Let's bring social and economic freedom back to Placer County!
Call (916) 435-9090 for more info.

Mike's views do not necessarily represent the views of the Placer County Libertarian Party Mike can be reached at mmurphy@americanliberty.org
Michael Patrick Murphy is the author of The Government, ISBN 0-595-30863-5