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Michael Patrick Murphy, Placer County LP Vice Chair, Candidate for the CA Assembly District 4
1st of April, 2006

If you are reading this as a non-Libertarian, let me qualify this statement that I certainly don't represent all Libertarians. Nor do I think the following applies to all Republicans. Never the less, if you are registered Republican and have loosely joined this group, you must share some of the blame for the actions of the group as I do when I call myself a Libertarian. Now, hold on to your chair as I flame one of the many groups that have chastised we freedom loving Libertarians.

The Democrats are weak in Placer County. Do you ever wonder why?

Do you ever ask yourself why they call Republican states "Red" states?

Do you wonder why local Placer County governments wrap themselves in the icons of Republi-Americanism?

Do you question the little Brownies (ironically wearing brown shirts) saying the Pledge of Allegiance at Roseville's City Council meetings? Their proud parents attend the meetings blushing at their cute kids. They coral them out of the meeting before the real business bores them all to death. In the end, the Council hopes the parents will surely vote for the kindly council member or supervisor that let their cute kids repeat the Pledge that few folks, let alone kids, understand any more than they understand the origins of the Easter Bunny or Christmas tree.

Don't you wonder why the Placer County Supervisors gave a dedication plaque to representatives of the reserves when they returned from Iraq? Then another for a reserve representative of a group about to leave for Iraq? Imagine a whole regiment or division voting for you in the next election. Imagine the support you'll get from residents that saw you dedicate the plaque. It's a savvy political move to use the military to promote your own campaign. Me, I won't stand for it, and while attending the meeting, I didn't. I saw the photo-op's for what they really disguised. Surely, Republicans in the pews thought that I was some sort of "communist" or something worse. Of course they didn't say anything. They didn't ask why I wasn't standing or clapping like a trained seal in a circus.

For God and Country!

I'm sure those folks also didn't ask Ted Gaines why he donated tax money to a local Granite Bay Easter Egg hunt. Ted doesn't mind funding his religious events with tax dollars even though Granite Bay is already the wealthiest community in the Sacramento area. No problem. Ted doesn't seem to think the Constitution is worth the paper its written on any more than G.W. Bush. Why bother with the stupid document when you can stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance instead. He looks like a patriot to all those attending, but I have news for you. Go to his record. The man is a communist! He believes in tons of redistribution of the wealth programs and relishes the role he plays in Placer County's oligarchy fully funded by developer money in his campaign coffers. There is no darker politician in the County that I know of. Granted, we should all be dumping incumbents by now, but Republicanism is like a religion.

Placer County residents will stand by the Devil they don't really know as long as he is registered Christian and baptized a Republican! Good people should know better, but in this county, they don't.

Then there is the Department of Defense which is now clearly become the War Department. Even the "support our troops" ribbons are hypocritical in the sense they really mean "keep the kids in Iraq to get themselves killed." Some support! Then these same folks want to keep them there longer to justify the deaths of the last group of kids killed there." Often these stickers are found on relatively new Cadillacs and SUV's representing where Republicans really put their money. So much for Republicans actually spending those funds to support the troops they sent to their war.

Yes, kissing babies in all its variations is a working part of politics because "we the people" fall for it so easily year after year. It all demonstrates how "patriotic" we are and how "good" we are when in fact it's all "poppycock." These folks are actually the antichrists and anti-patriots, but somehow believe themselves to be the opposite. They read their Bibles constantly and yet they seem to have never really read it at all. Even their ministers seem to be promoting anti-Christian activities in the name of Christ. Fortunately for them I hear that the door to heaven is always open. Imagine my surprise when I greet Saint Peter at the gate and see all those folks standing on the inside?

It's no wonder to me that the word "Republican" is now synonymous with "Communist." After all, Republican Representatives have no problem sticking their dirty, criminal hands in my back pocket to steal my money without my permission and more often without my knowledge. Republicans are no less communist than the Democrats that they angrily and vocally despise for being of the same persuasion. "Republicans are the pot calling the kettle black."

Just like their Democratic counterparts, modern Republicans look the other way when one of their own commits a crime. It's government business as usual. They have already forgotten the warning of President Eisenhower about the Military Industrial complex. Most never knew about our brutality in the Philippines under the Republican President William McKinley or that another Republican, Herbert Hoover, manufactured the "Great" Depression out of a minor one through his botched use of government controls over the marketplace. What should have been a simple economic correction turned into a full fledged disaster culminating in Roosevelt's "New Deal" and the Second World War. Today, most Republicans have already forgotten a more recent Congressman "Duke" Cunningham's acceptance of bribes from the same military-industrial complex. That's okay, some will still stubbornly vote Republican.

Meanwhile Corporate welfare is okay to Republican Representatives. Drop a few coins in the Republican campaign buckets and all kinds of social miracles can happen–like Medicare parts, A,B,C or D! Just put it on the ol' American credit card. Republicans go on hating Democrats, imagining them to be the real communists, while they themselves commit more money to redistribution of the wealth socialism than the Soviet Union and China combined. In fact, nowadays, these same Republicans are more than willing to borrow money from China to pay for their commitments to communism here in the United States. Remember when they faulted Clinton for somehow taking campaign money from the Chinese? Of course Republicans prefer to brush all their little skeletons under the rug so that they can appear so squeaky clean that they deserve to show other countries how to govern their people. Oops. Another country goes pop!

Republicans, in their emotional response, justify all their communist actions defining them as something other than communist but in fact lacking any formal name for what they do because there is no other name for what they do. Deep down, inside the frustrated pent up patriotic anger they present to the rest of us lies the realization that they are the real hypocrites. Deep down in their heart of hearts, they know it..That's why they get so mad!

Republicans just can't handle the truth in what I've been saying. In fact, Republicans have always been hypocrites. Even in the days when they ran John C. Fremont, the egotistical, "Manifest Destiny," empiricist as their first losing presidential candidate, they were hypocrites. Few Americans, or even Republicans, know this fact. Few know that Lincoln wasn't much better and was actually a horrible president that more or less caused the war between the North and the South. What would you expect from a lawyer anyway? Just kidding, some of my best friends are lawyers. How else could I survive in a Republican County and still write this stuff?

Today's surviving Republicans stamp flags on their sweats and T-shirts, paste them on their cars and wrap themselves in all types of patriotic paraphernalia, seldom having any real understanding of what America used to be all about. In reality, they are undereducated, ignorant pimps of chauvinism. Some are perhaps even sadistically hoping that they will get a glimpse of the apocalypse before they die.

The patriotic embalming of a Republican requires adolescent rage to mask the underlying guilt and internal sense that something is just not quite right about their belief system that they have sold themselves on, hook, line and sinker. It was easy for the modern spin doctors to peddle the glossy slogans seeded by lobbyists who's objectives have little to do with the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of the American people as a whole. Today its all about money and control. Too many Republicans equate those things with freedom. In order to sustain the lies, they add a strong dose of Christianity to their daily lives. Now, despite all the theft and all the killing, they can consider themselves good people. From William Jessup University to Bayside Church, Republicans are securlarizing Christianity, something even the Spanish missions failed to do in California, much to their later regret.

As I write this, I am surrounded by young Christian sheep and lemmings studying their Bibles feverishly believing that God is a Republican and that G.W. Bush himself is a prophet. I mean how side tracked can Republicans get? On second thought, don't answer that! Just consider what guilt is covered up when they wrap themselves in the symbols of Christianity. In Placer County, it is common to see a silver fish on the trunk just under the "Support our Troops" and American flag stickers. Perhaps that means, "communist first, Jesus freak second." I don't know. Maybe I have it all wrong. Perhaps Jesus actually taught us to steal from one person and give it to another or that we should bomb the daylights out of foreigners before they bomb they daylights out of us. "Do unto others before they do unto you." Placer County preachers must be working over time to rationalize all the aspects of modern Republicanism.

This is the kind of insanity that more informed Libertarians and even saner Christians must put up with everyday. The endless psycho-babble of ex-local Sacramentan, Rush Limbaugh, and his subsequent ilk show a shallowness not known in America since the Salem Witch trials. The danger is that these new sheep and lemmings are armed with guns, body crushing SUV's and Hummers. They pride themselves in their ignorance of the truth about their politics, the War in Iraq and all other things they take to be a simple matter of disqualifying welfare moms and locking down borders. It's as if Republicans were saying, "Maybe if we just do this one simple thing [that never worked before] just one more time, it will finally work!"

Seriously, the best thing that could happen to America is for Republicans to move to a climate more hospitable to their belief system. Perhaps they should move to Red China. They obviously don't love the concept of America anymore and should probably leave it for someplace that lets them slam their fist down. In China, they would be amongst their communist redistribution of the wealth friends gloriously building smoggy factories able to employ workers at a nice low wage while squelching their freedom of speech, (especially from folks like me). Perhaps they only have to realize that the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong II, is more like them then they realize. Maybe that's why they hate him so much. He embodies who Republicans are becoming. I've heard more than one Republican promoting the nuclear solution to the middle east and Korea. Genocide seems to be okay with those Republicans, so why don't they simply move to North Korea and take their chateaus and SUV's with them? With the Republicans immigrating there, I would have no doubt that they could actually take over South Korea and perhaps even turn it into a New Age Christian "Manifest Destiny" Empire! Think of the glory as they try to overtake China AND Japan forcing them to drive cars with little "fish" attached to their trunks. Republicans could be spreading their warped version of democracy to those countries that already have a sub structure ready to support it. They should love to force them to say the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Homeland or to the Republican Party of Planet Earth. Just thinking up all of this gives me goose bumps.

Fortunately for them (and for we Libertarians), we need not worry. Most modern Republicans are simple "sunshine patriots" only willing to steal from others to fund the enlistment of other people's children and even some of their own to fight their wars and they will always be at war with somebody. I like to say that "Republicans eat their own children." To further tell the story, Republicans have no problem sending our kids to fight their war under funded while they go out and add a swimming pool or buy a new SUV. Not even Bin Laden does that, at least I don't think so. After all, Republicans can just charge the war to the same kids that are fighting it, something else that I don't think Bin Laden is doing. It all, for some obscene reason, makes sense to too many Republicans. There is a small ray of hope in Placer County. As the sun sets on the American Empire, I'm sure even more Republicans will awake registered Decline to State or with another party, one that has principles that smack of truer American values.

Unfortunately, my glasses are not so "rose colored" that I can't see that most will cover their evil and their dementia with flags and pledges that they have no intention of living up to. I also understand that not all people that call themselves Republicans necessarily feel this way and that even some Democrats and Libertarians find themselves in favor of our stay in Iraq and our further involvement in Iran, Korea, the Sudan and only God knows where else. Good for them. I say go and put their lives and their money where their mouths are.

There is one hell of a lot of common Republican sense out there. Too bad there is so little good sense!

It seems to be such madness. They say if you tell a lie often enough, folks simply start believing it. Too many Republicans expect the Easter Bunny to deliver eggs (funded by Ted Gaines) and Santa to come down the chimney. Most Republicans, quite simply, never grew up and the rest of us are paying the price for it. Meanwhile the world waits while the Republicans try to set civilization back a few thousand years, back to the time of Christ and Rome. So is there a blessing for Placer County's Republicans. Yes, there is! May the Lord Bless and remove the incumbents from office while moving the rest of the hard core Republicans far, far away from here.

Volunteers are needed to Run Against Rocklin City Council and Placer County Supervisor Incumbents. Let's bring social and economic freedom back to Placer County!
Call (916) 435-9090 for more info.

Mike's views do not necessarily represent the views of the Placer County Libertarian Party Mike can be reached at mmurphy@americanliberty.org
Michael Patrick Murphy is the author of The Government, ISBN 0-595-30863-5