Michael Murphy If I were a Communist!

Living in the most Republican County in CA is politically tough for me. If I think I've got it tough, what if I were a communist?


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Michael Patrick Murphy, Placer County LP Vice Chair, Candidate for the CA Assembly District 4
22nd of April, 2006

If I were a communist, and I badly wanted to become a Placer County Supervisor, in theory, I wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell in this most Republican County in California. However, I could adorn myself in the trappings of Christianity and patriotism, register as a Republican and then run for the office.

When I look at the County minutes, I often wonder if this has already been done. They spend like there's no tomorrow, especially on social programs. The per capita dollar value is much greater than it ever was in the Soviet Union or China. If you look at their record, from Weygandt to Gaines, they never seem to say no to anything. How much more communist could they be?

Now I've crossed my t's and dotted my i's. I've read Karl Marx 's Communist Manifesto and I actually see our County Supervisors as communists by definition. I can't even see the church going ones as Christian Socialists. Now maybe I'm a minority on this, but that's because I realize that most people don't really know what a communist is let alone who their county supervisors are, what they do and where their campaign money comes from. Basically, a communist is anyone that believes in redistribution of the wealth, even for roads and schools. Of course our supervisors go way beyond that appropriating millions to welfare programs and other local pork. Most residents in the County even support these redistribution of wealth programs that define a communist society usually without understanding that the average American family is already $500,000 in debt to the government. Most realize they are in a hole, but most also enable politicians to keep on digging the hole deeper. Those elected to the Placer County Supervisors and local city councils are proof of this. Submerged in increased property and sales taxes, they've managed to spend it all each year. Housing inflation was a tax boom to local governments and allowed our politicians to spend more on everything from Easter Egg hunts to County welfare programs.

Now we have an election at our doorstep and little alternative to the communist party's candidates, which are represented by our local Republican and Democratic Parties. True conservatives in the county are taxed without representation whether they like it or not. We couldn't even get a Libertarian to run against these jokers this time around. Now that's embarrassing. In truth, most Libertarians also don't know who sits on their city council or on the Board of Supervisors. These are sad times indeed.

The dim alternatives to the incumbents running in the June election seem to allow us a choice in the balance between developer control and expansive social programs. In fact, one candidate, Simmons, called the other, Weygandt, a developer's stooge, when in fact he has taken more money from developers himself. So much for Simmon's integrity. Either candidate will leave we residents short changed. Which would you prefer; a totalitarian government or a communist one? That's our choice. Meanwhile, few who actually lives here are well represented in the County since developer concerns and communism are front and center and sadly, its our own damn fault. We didn't run for office and we didn't demand honest, transparent representation from the candidates. It's as though Placer County residents gave the keys to the liquor and medicine cabinets to a group of drug and alcohol addicts. These incumbents and candidates that "took" the money from developers and folks outside our district are what I call "on the take." We the people have allowed this to happen by keeping ourselves ignorant. Sheep, lemmings and ostriches, I like to say. Because residents don't know the names of those that sit on the County Board or their city council and where their campaign money came from that got them into office, and because they don't know what these folks voted for once they got into office, we now live in a developer controlled communist county. Such ignorance allows the process to become more and more disconnected from the voters. This costs us all more money and time in the long run.

Remember, the average American family owes $500,000 to the government in one form or another and the folks that will be elected won't help to get us out from under that cloud. You, even as a Libertarian, must wake up and demand fiscal responsibility, transparency and integrity. Once you have that kind of candidate, you must support him or her so that they actually win the election and get into office to fulfill your wishes and start a trend that might barely allow America to escape the otherwise inevitable carnage of an oligarchically controlled socialism. If you learn to stand tall, so will go your elected officials. As you go, so will go your government.

Volunteers are needed to Run Against Rocklin City Council and Placer County Supervisor Incumbents. Let's bring social and economic freedom back to Placer County!
Call (916) 435-9090 for more info.

Mike's views do not necessarily represent the views of the Placer County Libertarian Party Mike can be reached at mmurphy@americanliberty.org
Michael Patrick Murphy is the author of The Government, ISBN 0-595-30863-5