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It was still snowing in Placerville last night.


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Michael Patrick Murphy, Placer County LP Vice Chair, Candidate for the CA Assembly District 4
22nd of April, 2006

Last night, the League of Women's Voters put on a Candidate Forum in Placerville. All the candidates for State Assembly District 4 were there, including myself who's point of view will be presented here. I was opposed by two Republicans, Ted Gaines, the three quarter of a million dollar Republican-developer favored baby, and Paul Hunt, a more conservative option to the big spender Ted Gaines. I might note that of all the candidates, Ted Gaines is the only one that did not accept campaign spending limits. With all that developer money and Doolittle PAC money how could he. Look at all the contractor chain link fences that have his name on it in Red White and Blue. They should just use red letters on a red background.

The rest of us who did accept the campaign spending limits, albeit the others have not announced as austere spending limits as I have, range from the Green Party candidate Gerald Fritts, my Democratic Friend Robert Haswell, who's also looking to end the developer take over of all Placer County governments, and my "never-to-be-humble" self. What a fiasco the event turned out to be for Mr. Gaines.

Everybody couldn't wait to take a whack at him. One against four. We're it not for his money and were his hopes dependent on the outcome of the forum, Ted would have shrunk into the "also ran" history of our District. I will say this. At least he showed up. I didn't expect him to and that made me remove all my "dares for him to debate" language from my own campaign website. He had the guts to show. One point out of a thousand possible isn't bad, is it?

The Great Snow Job!

However, he was slick. When I tried to tell the people that he should show people his record and campaign contributions on his website, he balked. "They are not interested in that!" Gaines said. He went on that they could simply go to the County website to find the information, something that IS true, but isn't the whole story by a long shot. Folks must wade through reams of meeting minutes to discover all the evidence of just how un-Republican Ted Gaines really is. Actually, they would see it through the first meeting minutes.

This man calls himself a Christian and he's about as Christian as he is a Republican. It's in name, party affiliation or baptism only. Ted knew the truth, because I presented at the Supervisor meeting (where it should have been recorded in the minutes, but was not because they don't record much in the minutes at all), that the County should have a spreadsheet online that shows the record. People will find it impossible to sift through the minutes where all my arguments have been inexplicably "removed" or "never placed" into the minutes. It's a crooked shameful game Ted and the other supervisors play. It is my opinion that Supervisors like Ted Gaines are nothing more than polite looking government-developer "Mafia" employees. They live to campaign and dish out government favors to loyal donors. Republican my rear end! This is why I keep informing sleep walking Republicans that in Placer County, the most Republican County in California, Republicans are actually taxed without representation. Do we really need another candidate that calls himself a Republican but that spends like a Democrat in the State Assembly? Many lemmings that vote with the money or whoever sticks an "R" in front of their name will do so. Most will never see this webpage. But hopefully in the end enough Republicans will see through the facade in one form or another and vote for myself or Paul Hunt. At least they will get what I think would be a more pure conservative running for the Assembly. The problem with Paul is that he's not as loud as I am and you need a loud voice to make the rest of the Assembly listen over the clamor of socialism. If there's one thing I know, its that the folks of this district are against communism. Representing them, will be a pleasure for me.

As for my friend Rob Haswell. This guy represents the Democrats last great hope in this Assembly election. The Democratic Party seldom spends much in our Republican District so these guys, like Rob, can afford to stay clean and he's with me on cleaning up County politics. I think that if there was a winner last night, this polished candidate was it. He demonstrated his integrity in all of his answers.

Ironically, Jerry Fritts and his Green Party are our closest allies in this contest neither of us are in it for the money. He's a soft spoken honest candidate that believes in his socialism as much as we are determined against it. Remember, it was their presidential candidate David Cobb that went to jail with our candidate Michael Badnarik in their attempt to be allowed into the Presidential debates, a rigged and sorry affair if there ever was one. Wouldn't the country be a better place if the Greens and Libertarians were the dominant parties?

Then, saving the best for last, there was me. I was not as polished as Rob and definitely not as soft spoken as Jerry. I was not as well informed as Paul and obviously not "on the take" in the way that Ted Gaines is. I have to admit, it was hard to answer questions designed as though I would vote on my own behalf verses on behalf of my constituents, something that has never been done in this District to my knowledge. Imagine a representative government in California that is not run by the railroads or lobbyists? What a novel idea!

However, I had a few shining moments informing the voters that I am not a man without opinions and more than willing to share them. Indeed, I told them I was bound by the voters to represent them. I think the audience was in shock. Hopefully when they recover, they'll be voting for me. I certainly recommend it to true conservatives that actually want conservative things to happen at the state level. Let's face it. If one man can bend the county as I feel I have, then why shouldn't I bend the state towards more responsible governance?

Anyway, enough! Let's see what the Congressional District 4 candidates were up to last night.

John Doolittle, who's no Republican in the pure sense, has more than 3 times as much money (much of it from developers and special interests looking to put as much cement as possible in Placer County). Fortunately for us, he didn't attend the forum.

John T. Doolittle (R) $794,416 (didn't show up for the Forum. After all, he's rich, right?)
Charles D. Brown (D) $97,357 (Pretty Republican sounding for a Democrat)
Michael Hamersley (D) ???- Tax Fraud Investigator & Attorney
John Michael Holmes (R) $70,810 (Possibly a better-for-America candidate than JD, but also not at the event)
Lisa M. Rea (D) $20,318 (Traditional Democrat)
Dan Warren (L) not posted at open secrets (I wonder why???) (The man that would actually be best for America and California if you want to reduce the National Debt and the nation's dependence on CA money.)

My own opponents took off, but I stayed to support my man Dan Warren for Congress. He did a fantastic job, but could use a little polish to keep up with Charlie Brown and the new player, Michael Hamersley. All three of these guys would make acceptable replacements for John T. Doolittle. None will be as fiscally responsible as our boy, but all have put their necks on the line in the past, are passionate, and have the best interests of "we the people" at heart. Getting rid of John Doolittle is a top priority in this county and should be for Republicans as well, especially if they want to keep control of Placer County. He is at the heart of the campaign bounty machines. I like to call him King John. Let's hope we can finally get rid of the royalty so we can start to have open and honest debates between true representatives.

Unfortunately, in almost all cases in the county, ousting the bought and paid for incumbents in our cities and county and district should be a top priority. I never thought I'd be thankful for term limits and the fact that Tim Leslie is finally forced to leave, but I am this time. Unfortunately, the evil money is behind Ted Gaines now, and it will take an informed electorate that acts responsibly to keep Mr. Gaines from getting the seat Doolittle and Leslie would love to see him get. I say, vote the developer owned communists out! Get someone in that respects the Constitution of the United States and when that IS the issue, only one man stands out and that's our man, Dan!

Volunteers are needed to Run Against Rocklin City Council and Placer County Supervisor Incumbents. Let's bring social and economic freedom back to Placer County!
Call (916) 435-9090 for more info.

Mike's views do not necessarily represent the views of the Placer County Libertarian Party Mike can be reached at mmurphy@americanliberty.org
Michael Patrick Murphy is the author of The Government, ISBN 0-595-30863-5