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Instilling a passion for politics and then educating the public on how to find things out is our hardest job. This very special election is only the beginning of the rest of our lives.


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Michael Patrick Murphy, Placer County LP Vice Chair, Candidate for the CA Assembly District 4
7th of November, 2006

It's not a bad day. The sun is out and the temperature is perfect. I await the results of my efforts that has left me $4,000 in debt. I made the unique offer to give control of the government back to "we the people." I'm not sure yet whether they really want that. Perhaps democracy is simply too much work for the average man. I'm pretty sure that most people will not know who I am or what I did. Still, if you put my full name, Michael Patrick Murphy, into any search engine, you'll see numerous entries for me and my works. Even this website broke 15,000 hits this past October, spreading the words of Liberty to those that took the time to listen.

I've made a lot of friends and found my family supportive of my efforts in a new way. I didn't bombard my neighbors with automated phone calls and yard signs. I attended all the forums that I was invited to and some that I was not. I promised to actually represent the people. I ran an honorable race.

My major opponent, Mr. Ted Gaines, who also applied for the job of Assemblyman for District 4, didn't show up for any of the "interviews." If he wins, I am convinced that it will have been a testament of the decay of the Democratic process and of the American people. My Democratic opponent, a new candidate, gave his all and ran one of the cleanest and finest campaigns that this District has probably ever seen. I sit here hoping that in the least, I have thrown my campaign into his lap, much to the disgruntlement of many Libertarians that hail from the Republican side of the fence. Most know not the difference.

Instilling the Passion

I came up with some instructions for those sheep, lemmings and ostriches that really would like to "live" the rest of their lives standing taller than they stood today. The first would be to never pay for a local paper or vote Republican or Democrat as long as you live. The second is to not watch the major media and avoid local Republican talk radio like the plague. You are being ripped off! And these are the things an ignorant nation falls prey to. Third is that it is time to put away childish thoughts and grow up. It is time to take responsibility for your government and how the money that is stolen from you is applied to the world around you. Believing that Santa Clause would come down your chimney on December 25th was fine when you were five, but it is time to become an adult. Better late than never. And though I think it is all too late in some ways, I certainly am tired of seeing Americans led around with a ring in their noses. Today, the folks of District 4 had a rare opportunity offered to them for the first time–representative government!

As I think about it, the above instructions are good, but they are certainly not great. They do not instill passion, nor do they teach us where to find the information we need to follow our passion and understand our poltical world. That will be the goal I have over the next few years, to instill passion and then show folks how to feed that passion with knowledge so that someday they can act upon that knowledge. Were I to win, they would get the most accountable and transparent website a State assemblyman ever offered to "we the people." It would be one where they have their own form that they can constantly update on over 50 issues, approximately 250 questions if they want to take the time. They can even change their minds daily or hourly or every thirty seconds. I would be the first assemblyman to have the pulse of his constituents at a glance, even those that mail in their forms. They would have a man that wasn't beholden to unions, developers or other special interests, only to "we the people" of District 4. Alpine County would have a stronger voice. Individuals would find their views more important.

I realize that many, if not most, Americans have literally given away the American Dream and became their defeated parents. We would like to believe they are innocent, but that would be another in a long legacy of lies. All lies have a price and I fear that as our new government's Homeland Security proposes yet another law to limit our freedoms, that this lie we will tell ourselves may finally slam the door on those that have had enough and want to leave the place they once considered the "best country on earth." If HS gets its way, we will have to ask for permission to leave the country and it may be denied for any reason. I warned America that when they build a fence to keep others out, at that same moment they will have the capability to lock us in. As when I warned in 2003 that democratizing Iraq would leave that country in a state of civil war, sometimes, I hate to be correct. But fortunately, that will be out of the scope of the State Assembly attempting to address how we in the District survive in such an Orwellian world.

Let's face it, we are no longer America, not even in principle. We pledge allegiance to a flag, we mix church and state and then use the former to justify murder. We voided the Constitution in 1933 and never un-voided it. Few Americans realize that fact. We simply gave up, most sticking their heads in the virtual silicon sand. Why should we care as long as our totalitarian state is so elegant? Who cares that it is elegant because China, Japan, Russia and Europe have loaned us the money? We can speak out, but who cares when the press ignores you. We can debate, but who cares when the debates for important offices are rigged as are our elections. Go home, watch TV. Surely, we have forgotten the Jews in Germany that went passively along with each new phase of tyranny. Besides, that was then and this is now. Who cares about all that old history stuff?

At least I gave District 4 voters the option to restore representative government. Tonight, we will see if they cared. The press certainly didn't. Regardless, as the registration of Decline to State voters increases, there is hope that we may slowly change our direction, not in time to save thousands of lives in Iraq and elsewhere in the world, and not in time to avoid our financial ruination, but perhaps in time for the next generation to take up the banner of responsibility that once watered the ancient tree of freedom.

If the morning of November 8th finds me outside the office of the Assembly, I will at least have had the honor to plant some seeds so that someone, someday can water them for a more deserving generation. For that, I thank all those that supported my campaign and put forth the effort to spread the news to others. Who knows? I could become the first Assemblyman in California to actually do the unique and American things I planned to do on behalf of my District. Though we may feel alone at times, we are not. Win, lose or draw, we never will be. We are leaders, and though the majority may not have gone down the path less traveled, we must feel glad that we did and that it has made all the difference.

Only three of you will go to your grave together. You, yourself, and you. It matters not what others chose to do, but what you chose to do. You chose to act and vote a certain way despite the fact that in your heart of hearts, you may have never believed that I had a snowball's chance in hell. When the trees fall in the forest, you will still be standing tall in my book.

Volunteers are needed to Run Against Rocklin City Council and Placer County Supervisor Incumbents. Let's bring social and economic freedom back to Placer County!
Call (916) 435-9090 for more info.

Mike's views do not necessarily represent the views of the Placer County Libertarian Party Mike can be reached at mmurphy@americanliberty.org
Michael Patrick Murphy is the author of The Government, ISBN 0-595-30863-5